William Michael Caudle PhD


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The association between caffeine intake and testosterone: NHANES 2013-2014

by William Caudle; FE Glover; F Del Giudice; F Belladelli; E Mulloy; E Lawal; ML Eisenberg



Immunochemical localization of vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2) in mouse brain

by Rachel A. Cliburn; Amy R. Dunn; Kristen A. Stout; Carlie A. Hoffman; Kelly M. Lohr; Alison I. Bernstein; Emily J. Winokur; James Burkett; Yvonne Schmitz; William Michael Caudle; Gary W Miller



Impairment in the mesohippocampal dopamine circuit following exposure to the brominated flame retardant, HBCDD

by Camille Pham-Lake; Elizabeth B. Aronoff; Chaad R. Camp; Aimee Vester; Sam J. Peters; William Michael Caudle



Embracing systems toxicology at single-cell resolution

by Qiang Zhang; William Caudle; Jingbo Pi; Sudin Bhattacharya; Melvin E. Andersen; Norbert E. Kaminski; Rory B. Conolly



The second generation mixed lineage kinase-3 (MLK3) inhibitor CLFB-1134 protects against neurotoxin-induced nigral dopaminergic neuron loss

by Elizabeth M. Kline; Laura M. Butkovich; Joshua M. Bradner; Jianjun Chang; Harris Gelbard; Val Goodfellow; William Caudle; MariadeLourdes Tansey



Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Carbonylated Proteins from the Striatum and Cortex of Pesticide-Treated Mice

by Christina Coughlan; Douglas I. Walker; Kelly M. Lohr; Jason R. Richardson; Laura M. Saba; William Caudle; Kristofer S. Fritz; James R. Roede