William L Border


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Challenges associated with retrospective analysis of left ventricular function using clinical echocardiograms from a multicenter research study

by Lillian Meacham; William Border; Ritu Sachdeva; KL Stratton; DE Cox; SH Armenian; A Bhat; KJ Leger; WM Leisenring; KT Sadak; S Narasimhan; EJ Chow; PC Nathan



Longitudinal Changes in Echocardiographic Parameters of Cardiac Function in Pediatric Cancer Survivors

by Lillian Meacham; William Border; Ritu Sachdeva; KL Stratton; SH Armenian; A Bhat; DE Cox; KJ Leger; WM Leisenring; KT Sadak; S Sivanandam; PC Nathan; EJ Chow



Multicenter Study Comparing Shunt Type in the Norwood Procedure for Single-Ventricle Lesions Three-Dimensional Echocardiographic Analysis

by Gerald R. Marx; Girish Shirali; Jami C. Levine; Lin T. Guey; James F. Cnota; Jeanne M. Baffa; William L Border; Steve Colan; Gregory Ensing; Mark K. Friedberg; David J. Goldberg; Salim F. Idriss; J. Blaine John; Wyman W. Lai; Minmin Lu; Shaji C. Menon; Richard G. Ohye; David Saudek; Pierre C. Wong; Gail D. Pearson



Modifiable Risk Factors and Major Cardiac Events Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer

by Gregory T. Armstrong; Kevin C. Oeffinger; Yan Chen; Toana Kawashima; Yutaka Yasui; Wendy Leisenring; Marilyn Stovall; Eric J. Chow; Charles A. Sklar; Daniel A. Mulrooney; Ann Mertens; William Border; Jean-Bernard Durand; Leslie L. Robison; Lillian Meacham