Wanda Barfield


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A Field Placement Approach to Enhance State and Local Capacity for Opioid-Related Issues Affecting Pregnant and Postpartum People and Infants Prenatally Exposed to Opioids and Other Substances

by Mary Kate Weber; Emmy L Tran; Charlan D Kroelinger; Celeste Ellison; Trisha Mueller; Lisa Romero; Kecia L Ellick; Marion E Rice; Gabriela Garcia; Ellen Pliska; Sanaa Akbarali; Ramya Dronamraju; Katrin Patterson; Nicole S Fehrenbach; Wanda Barfield



Assisted Reproductive Technology Surveillance - United States, 2016

by Saswati Sunderam; Dmitry M. Kissin; Yujia Zhang; Suzanne G. Folger; Sheree Boulet; Lee Warner; William M. Callaghan; Wanda Barfield