Vijayakumar Velu PhD

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  • Affiliate Faculty, Yerkes National Primate Research Center , Emory Vaccine Center
  • Investigator, CFAR

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Degrees Held:

  • Ph.D, University of Madras, 2005

Biography/Description of Research:

Vijayakumar Velu, PhD, completed his undergraduate and graduate program at the University of Madras, India. He completed his PhD in the year 2005, under the guidance of Dr. S.P. Thyagarajan, where he focused on viral hepatitis; particularly on HIV/HBV/HCV co-infection and demonstrated a higher prevalence of viral hepatitis co-infections in HIV infected individuals. He developed Hepatitis B vaccination strategies to improve HBV-immunity in HIV and HCV co-infected patients by conducting various clinical trials on newly developed Hepatitis B vaccine from India. He completed his postdoctoral training with Dr. Rama Rao Amara at Emory Vaccine Center. During his postdoctoral training he conducted studies to develop therapeutic strategies to enhance immune response during chronic SIV/HIV infection. In collaboration with Dr. Rama Amara and Dr. Rafi Ahmed, he demonstrated that blockade of a single inhibitory pathway (PD-1), results in enhancement of both cellular and humoral immune responses leading to decreased viral levels and enhanced survival of a pathogenic SIV infection. Velu’s research interest is to understand the basic biology of anti-viral T and B cell interactions for generating effective cellular and humoral immune response after vaccination and following HIV/SIV infection. He believes that a better understanding the roles of cellular mechanisms involved in generating effective immune responses, are needed to develop a new and better vaccines/therapeutics against HIV/AIDS. He collaborates with a number of researchers at Yerkes, including Drs. Rama Amara, Rafi Ahmed, Francois Villinger, Chris Ibegbu, Steve Bosinger.

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Role of PD-1 co-inhibitory pathway in HIV infection and potential therapeutic options

by Vijayakumar Velu; Ravi Dyavar Shetty; Marie Larsson; Esaki M. Shankar



Functional MAIT Cells Are Associated With Reduced Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

by Rama Amara; Chris Ibegbu; Vijayakumar Velu; A Murugesan; TM Styles; AT Jones; U Shanmugasundaram; PBJ Reddy; SJ Rahman; P Saha; M Vijay-Kumar; EM Shankar



Dynamics of SIV-specific CXCR5+CD8 T cells during chronic SIV infection

by Rama Amara; Vijayakumar Velu; Steven Bosinger; Rafi Ahmed; Ann Chahroudi; Ifor Williams; Maud Mavigner; GH Mylvaganam; D Rios; HM Abdelaal; S Iyer; G Tharp; M Mavinger; S Hicks; PJ Skinner



Molecular signatures of T-cell inhibition in HIV-1 infection

by Marie Larsson; Esaki M. Shankar; Karlhans F. Che; Alireza Saeidi; Rada Ellegård; Muttiah Barathan; Vijayakumar Velu; Adeeba Kamarulzaman



Preexisting Vaccinia Virus Immunity Decreases SIV-Specific Cellular Immunity but does not diminish Humoral Immunity and Efficacy of a DNA/MVA Vaccine

by Sunil Kannanganat; Pragati Nigam; Vijayakumar Velu; Patricia L. Earl; Lilin Lai; Lakshmi Chennareddi; Benton Lawson; Robert L. Wilson; David C. Montefiori; Pamela A. Kozlowski; Bernard Moss; Harriet Robinson; Rama Rao Amara



Combination anti-PD-1 and antiretroviral therapy provides therapeutic benefit against SIV.

by Geetha H. Mylvaganam; Lynette S. Chea; Gregory K. Tharp; Sakeenah Hicks; Vijayakumar Velu; Smita Iyer; Claire Deleage; Jacob D. Estes; Steven Bosinger; Gordon J. Freeman; Rafi Ahmed; Rama Rao Amara