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Effects of Sunlight and Diet on Vitamin D Status of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in Tbilisi, Georgia

by Nirali S. Desai; Nestani Tukvadze; Jennifer Frediani; Maia Kipiani; Eka Sanikidze; Memorie M. Nichols; Gautam Hebbar; Russell Ryan Kempker; Veriko Mirtskhulava; Iagor Kalandadze; Nilay Sutaria; Tai C. Chen; Henry Michael Blumberg; Thomas R Ziegler; Vin Tangpricha; Shabnam Seydafkan



Vitamin D and incident urinary incontinence in older adults

by Elizabeth Vaughan; Vin Tangpricha; Nary Motahar; Patricia S Goode; Kathryn L Burgio; Richard M Allman; Shanette G Daigle; David T Redden; Alayne D Markland



Effects of Cholecalciferol Supplementation on Serum and Urinary Vitamin D Metabolites and Binding Protein in HIV-infected Youth

by Allison Ross Eckard; Myrtle Thierry-Palmer; Natalia Silvestrov; Julia C. Rosebush; Mary Ann O'Riordan; Julie E. Daniels; Monika Uribe-Leitz; Danielle Labbato; Joshua H. Ruff; Ravinder J. Singh; Vin Tangpricha; Grace A. McComsey



Factors associated with early outcomes following standardised therapy in children with ulcerative colitis (PROTECT): a multicentre inception cohort study

by Jeffrey S. Hyams; Sonia Davis; David R. Mack; Brendan Boyle; Anne M. Griffiths; Neal S. LeLeiko; Cary G Sauer; David J. Keljo; James Markowitz; Susan S. Baker; Joel Rosh; Robert N. Baldassano; Ashish Patel; Marian Pfefferkorn; Anthony Otley; Melvin Heyman; Joshua Noe; Maria Oliva-Hemker; Vin Tangpricha; Subra Kugathasan; Suresh Venkateswaran



Is bone loss linked to chronic inflammation in antiretroviral-naive HIV-infected adults? A 48-week matched cohort study

by Corrilynn O. Hileman; Danielle E. Labbato; Norma J. Storer; Vin Tangpricha; Grace A. McComsey



25-Hydroxyvitamin D Depletion Does Not Exacerbate MPTP-Induced Dopamine Neuron Damage in Mice

by E. Danielle Dean; Lydia M. Mexas; Natalie L. Capiro; Jeanne E. McKeon; Mahlon R DeLong; Kurt D. Pennell; Jonathan A. Doorn; Vin Tangpricha; Gary W Miller; Marian L Evatt



A novel method for estimating transgender status using electronic medical records

by Douglas Roblin; Joshua Barzilay; Dennis Tolsma; Brandi Robinson; Laura Schild; Lee Cromwell; Hayley Braun; Rebecca Nash; Joseph Gerth; Enid Hunkeler; Virginia P. Quinn; Vin Tangpricha; Michael Goodman