Victoria Stevens


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Association between Smoking Cannabis and Quitting Cigarettes in a Large American Cancer Society Cohort

by Johann Westmaas; Sara E Strollo; Christina C Newton; Brian D Carter; Ryan W Diver; William Flanders; Victoria Stevens; Alpa Patel; Kassandra Alcaraz; Johannes Thrul; Eric Jacobs



Evaluation of pre-diagnostic blood protein measurements for predicting survival after lung cancer diagnosis

by Victoria Stevens; Ying Wang; X Feng; DC Muller; H Zahed; K Alcala; F Guida; K Smith-Byrne; J-M Yuan; W-P Koh; RL Milne; JK Bassett; A Langhammer; K Hveem; M Johansson; A Tjonneland; R Tumino; M Sheikh; M Johansson; HA Robbins



A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of multiple myeloma among men and women of African ancestry

by Zhaohui Du; Niels Weinhold; Gregory Chi Song; Kristin A. Rand; David J. Van Den Berg; Amie E. Hwang; Xin Sheng; Victor Hom; Sikander Ailawadhi; Ajay Nooka; Seema Singhal; Karen Pawlish; Edward S. Peters; Cathryn Bock; Ann Mohrbacher; Alexander Stram; Victoria Stevens; Wei Zheng; Leon Bernal-Mizrachi; Sagar Lonial