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An Innovative Physical Therapy Intervention for Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Reduction among People Living with HIV

by Sara Pullen; Carlos del Rio; Carlos Del Rio; Daniel Brandon; Ann Colonna; Meredith Denton; Matthew Ina; Grace Lancaster; Anne-Grace Schmidtke; Vincent Marconi



Community-Acquired Pneumonia and Risk of Cardiovascular Events in People Living With HIV

by Jerry S. Zifodya; Meredith S. Duncan; Kaku A. So-Armah; Engi F. Attia; Kathleen M. Akgun; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; Vincent Marconi; Matthew J. Budoff; Roger J. Bedimo; Charles W. Alcorn; Guy W. Soo Hoo; Adeel A. Butt; Joon W. Kim; Jason J. Sico; Hilary A. Tindle; Laurence Huang; Janet P. Tate; Amy C. Justice; Matthew S. Freiberg; Kristina Crothers



Incidence, Etiology, and Severity of Acute Gastroenteritis Among Prospectively Enrolled Patients in 4 Veterans Affairs Hospitals and Outpatient Centers, 2016-2018

by Vincent Marconi; Cristina Cardemil; N Balachandran; A Kambhampati; S Grytdal; RM Dahl; MC Rodriguez-Barradas; B Vargas; DO Beenhouwer; K Evangelista; KL Meagley; ST Brown; A Perea; C Lucero-Obusan; M Holodniy; H Browne; R Gautam; MD Bowen; J Vinje; UD Parashar; AJ Hall



Unraveling the Treatment Effect of Baricitinib on Clinical Progression and Resource Utilization in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients: Secondary Analysis of the Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Randomized Trial-2

by Aneesh Mehta; Vincent Marconi; Christina Rostad; J Fintzi; T Bonnett; P Tebas; CB Levine; HM El Sahly; SLF McLellan; CA Benson; A Ganesan; N Huprikar; MG Frank; RA Mularski; RL Atmar; PK Park; WR Short; JH Beigel; DA Sweeney



Weight gain post-ART in HIV+ Latinos/as differs in the USA, Haiti, and Latin America

by Vincent Marconi; Jonathan Colasanti; LE Coelho; CA Jenkins; BE Shepherd; JW Pape; FM Cordero; D Padgett; BC Ramirez; B Grinsztejn; KN Althoff; JR Koethe; PC Tien; AL Willig; RD Moore; JL Castilho; HM Crane; MJ Gill; MA Horberg; A Mayor; MJ Silverberg; C McGowan; PF Rebeiro



Gut-derived bacterial toxins impair memory CD4(+) T cell mitochondrial function in HIV-1 infection

by Vincent Marconi; Dean Jones; Rafick-Pierre Sekaly; Ashish Sharma; Souheil Younes; Amanda da Silva; Ken Liu; B Ferrari; AC Da Silva; E Saidakova; LB Korolevskaya; K Shmagel; C Shive; GP Sanchez; M Retuerto; K Ghneim; L Noel-Romas; B Rodriguez; MA Ghannoum; PP Hunt; SG Deeks; AD Burgener; MA Dobre