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SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

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Early Postseroconversion CD4 Cell Counts Independently Predict CD4 Cell Count Recovery in HIV-1-Postive Subjects Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy

by Hemant Kulkarni; Jason F. Okulicz; Greg Grandits; Nancy F. Crum-Cianflone; Michael L. Landrum; Braden Hale; Glenn Wortmann; Edmund Tramont; Michael Polis; Matthew Dolan; Alan R. Lifson; Brian K. Agan; Sunil K. Ahuja; Vincent Marconi



HIV treatment adherence, drug resistance, virologic failure: Evolving concepts

by Jean B. Nachega; Vincent Marconi; Gert U. van Zyl; Edward M. Gardner; Wolfgang Preiser; Steven Y. Hong; Edward J. Mills; Robert Gross



Treatment options after virological failure of first line tenofovir-based regimens in South Africa: an analysis by deep sequencing

by Maria Casadella; Marc Noguera-Julian; Henry Sunpath; Michelle Gordon; Christina Rodriguez; Mariona Parera; Daniel R. Kuritzkes; Vincent Marconi; Roger Paredes



Second-line antiretroviral therapy: long-term outcomes in South Africa

by Rirchard A. Murphy; Henry Sunpath; Carmen Castilla; Shameez Ebrahim; Richard Court; Hoang Nguyen; Daniel Kuritzkes; Vincent Marconi; Jean B Nachega



CTLA-4(+)PD-1(-) Memory CD4(+) T Cells Critically Contribute to Viral Persistence in Antiretroviral Therapy-Suppressed, SIV-Infected Rhesus Macaques

by Colleen S. McGary; Claire Deleage; Justin Harper; Luca Micci; Susan P. Ribeiro; Sara Paganini; Leticia Kuri-Cervantes; Clarisse Benne; Emily S. Ryan; Robert Balderas; Sherrie Jean; Kirk Easley; Vincent Marconi; Guido Silvestri; Jacob D. Estes; Rafick-Pierre Sekaly; Mirko Paiardini



Impact of Availability of Telehealth Programs on Documented HIV Viral Suppression: A Cluster-Randomized Program Evaluation in the Veterans Health Administration.

by Michael E Ohl; Kelly Richardson; Maria C Rodriguez-Barradas; Roger Bedimo; Vincent Marconi; Jamie P Morano; Michael P Jones; Mary Vaughan-Sarrazin



The global status of HIV drug resistance: Clinical and public-health approaches for detection, treatment and prevention

by Steven Y. Hong; Jean B. Nachega; Karen Kelley; Silvia Bertagnolio; Vincent Marconi; Michael R. Jordan



Treatment-Mediated Alterations in HIV Fitness Preserve CD4(+) T Cell Counts but Have Minimal Effects on Viral Load

by Naveen K. Vaidya; Libin Rong; Vincent Marconi; Daniel R. Kuritzkes; Steven G. Deeks; Alan S. Perelson