Vincent Marconi


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Epigenome-Wide Meta-Analysis Reveals Differential DNA Methylation Associated With Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate Among African American Men With HIV

by Junyu Chen; Qin Hui; Zeyuan Wang; Francis P Wilson; Kaku So-Armah; Matthew S Freiberg; Amy C Justice; Ke Xu; Wei Zhao; Farah Ammous; Jennifer A Smith; Sharon LR Kardia; Marta Gwinn; Vincent Marconi; Yan Sun



Who's slipping through the cracks? A comprehensive individual, clinical and health system characterization of people with virological failure on first-line HIV treatment in Uganda and South Africa

by Z Reynolds; SM McCluskey; MYS Moosa; RF Gilbert; S Pillay; I Aturinda; KL Ard; W Muyindike; N Musinguzi; G Masette; P Moodley; J Brijkumar; T Rautenberg; G George; BA Johnson; RT Gandhi; H Sunpath; Vincent Marconi; MB Bwana; MJ Siedner



Machine learning selected smoking-associated DNA methylation signatures that predict HIV prognosis and mortality

by Xinyu Zhang; Ying Hu; Bradley E. Aouizerat; Gang Peng; Vincent Marconi; Michael J. Corley; Todd Hulgan; Kendall J. Bryant; Hongyu Zhao; John H. Krystal; Amy C. Justice; Ke Xu



Viral suppression among persons in HIV care in the United States during 2009-2013: sampling bias in Medical Monitoring Project surveillance estimates

by Heather Bradley; Keri N. Althoff; Kate Buchacz; John Brooks; M. John Gill; Michael A. Horberg; Mari M. Kitahata; Vincent Marconi; Kenneth H. Mayer; Angel Mayor; Richard Moore; Michael Mugavero; Sonia Napravnik; Gabriella Paz-Bailey; Joseph Prejean; Peter F. Rebeiro; Christopher T. Rentsch; R. Luke Shouse; Michael Silverberg; Patrick Sullivan; Jennifer E. Thorne; Baligh Yehia; Eli Rosenberg



Patient-reported usability and satisfaction with electronic medication event reminder and monitor device for tuberculosis: a multicentre, randomised controlled trial

by Tsegahun Manyazewal; Yimtubezinash Woldeamanuel; Tewodros Getinet; Alison Hoover; Kidist Bobosha; Oumer Fuad; Belete Getahun; Abebaw Fekadu; David Holland; Vincent Marconi



Virologic outcomes among adults with HIV using integrase inhibitor-based antiretroviral therapy

by Haidong Lu; Stephen R Cole; Daniel Westreich; Michael G Hudgens; Adaora A Adimora; Keri N Althoff; Michael J Silverberg; Kate Buchacz; Jun Li; Jessie K Edwards; Peter F Rebeiro; Viviane D Lima; Vincent Marconi; Timothy R Sterling; Michael A Horberg; John M Gill; Mari M Kitahata; Joseph J Eron; Richard D Moore



Determinants of health-related quality of life in people with Human Immunodeficiency Virus, failing first-line treatment in Africa

by Vincent Marconi; TA Rautenberg; SK Ng; G George; M-YS Moosa; SM McCluskey; RF Gilbert; S Pillay; I Aturinda; KL Ard; WR Muyindike; N Musinguzi; G Masette; M Pillay; P Moodley; J Brijkumar; RT Gandhi; B Johnson; H Sunpath; MB Bwana; MJ Siedner