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SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

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Insomnia as an Independent Predictor of Incident Cardiovascular Disease in HIV:Data from the Veterans Aging Cohort Study

by Vincent Marconi; Suman Kundu; BM Polanka; KA So-Armah; MS Freiberg; SK Gupta; RJ Bedimo; MJ Budoff; AA Butt; CCH Chang; SS Gottlieb; JA Womack; JC Stewart



Machine learning selected smoking-associated DNA methylation signatures that predict HIV prognosis and mortality

by Xinyu Zhang; Ying Hu; Bradley E. Aouizerat; Gang Peng; Vincent Marconi; Michael J. Corley; Todd Hulgan; Kendall J. Bryant; Hongyu Zhao; John H. Krystal; Amy C. Justice; Ke Xu



Viral suppression among persons in HIV care in the United States during 2009-2013: sampling bias in Medical Monitoring Project surveillance estimates

by Vincent Marconi; Gabriella Paz-Bailey; Patrick Sullivan; Eli Rosenberg; John Brooks; H Bradley; KN Althoff; K Buchacz; MJ Gill; MA Horberg; MM Kitahata; KH Mayer; A Mayor; R Moore; M Mugavero; S Napravnik; J Prejean; PF Rebeiro; CT Rentsch; RL Shouse; MJ Silverberg; JE Thorne; B Yehia



Provider verification of electronic health record receipt and nonreceipt of direct-acting antivirals for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection

by Christopher T. Rentsch; Emily Cartwright; Neel Gandhi; Sheldon T. Brown; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas; Matthew Bidwell Goetz; Vincent Marconi; Cynthia L. Gibert; Vincent Lo Re, III; David A. Fiellin; Amy C. Justice; Janet P. Tate



HIV treatment adherence, drug resistance, virologic failure: Evolving concepts

by Jean B. Nachega; Vincent Marconi; Gert U. van Zyl; Edward M. Gardner; Wolfgang Preiser; Steven Y. Hong; Edward J. Mills; Robert Gross



Treatment options after virological failure of first line tenofovir-based regimens in South Africa: an analysis by deep sequencing

by Maria Casadella; Marc Noguera-Julian; Henry Sunpath; Michelle Gordon; Christina Rodriguez; Mariona Parera; Daniel R. Kuritzkes; Vincent Marconi; Roger Paredes