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The sylvatic transmission cycle of Trypanosoma cruzi in a rural area in the humid Chaco of Argentina

by J. A. Alvarado-Otegui; L. A. Ceballos; M. M. Orozco; G. F. Enriquez; M. V. Cardinal; C. Cura; A. G. Schijman; Uriel Kitron; R. E. Gürtler



A systematic review of mathematical models of mosquito-borne pathogen transmission: 1970-2010

by Robert C. Reiner; T. Alex Perkins; Christopher M. Barker; Tianchan Niu; Luis Fernando Chaves; Alicia M. Ellis; Dylan B. George; Arnaud Le Menach; Juliet R. C. Pulliam; Donal Bisanzio; Caroline Buckee; Christinah Chiyaka; Derek A. T. Cummings; Andres J. Garcia; Michelle L. Gatton; Peter W. Gething; David M. Hartley; Geoffrey Johnston; Eili Y. Klein; Edwin Michael; Steven W. Lindsay; Alun L. Lloyd; David M. Pigott; William K. Reisen; Nick Ruktanonchai; Brajendra K. Singh; Andrew J. Tatem; Uriel Kitron; Simon I. Hay; Thomas W. Scott; David L. Smith



Evaluation of the Health-related Quality of Life of Children in Schistosoma haematobium-endemic Communities in Kenya: A Cross-sectional Study

by Carolyn C. Terer; Amaya L. Bustinduy; Ruth V. Magtanong; Ng'ethe Muhoho; Peter L. Mungai; Eric M. Muchiri; Uriel Kitron; Charles H. King; Francis M. Mutuku



Shifting Patterns of Aedes aegypti Fine Scale Spatial Clustering in Iquitos, Peru

by Genevieve LaCon; Amy C. Morrison; Helvio Astete; Steven T. Stoddard; Valerie A. Paz-Soldan; John P. Elder; Eric S. Halsey; Thomas W. Scott; Uriel Kitron; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec



Cross-sectional Study of the Burden of Vector-Borne and Soil-Transmitted Polyparasitism in Rural Communities of Coast Province, Kenya

by Donal Bisanzio; Francis Mutuku; Amaya L. Bustinduy; Peter L. Mungai; Eric M. Muchiri; Charles H. King; Uriel Kitron



Hidden Sylvatic Foci of the Main Vector of Chagas Disease Triatoma infestans: Threats to the Vector Elimination Campaign?

by Leonardo A. Ceballos; Romina V. Piccinali; Paula L. Marcet; Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Victoria Cardinal; Judith Schachter-Broide; Jean-Pierre Dujardin; Ellen M. Dotson; Uriel Kitron; Ricardo E. Gurtler



Unforeseen Costs of Cutting Mosquito Surveillance Budgets

by Gonzalo Vazquez Prokopec; Luis F. Chaves; Scott A. Ritchie; Joe Davis; Uriel Kitron