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Vitamin D and bone health in adults with cystic fibrosis

by Linda L. Wolfenden; Suzanne Elizabeth Judd; Reshma Shah; Rupan Sanyal; Thomas Ziegler; Vin Tangpricha



Parenteral glutamine supplementation in critical illness: a systematic review

by Paul E Wischmeyer; Rupinder Dhaliwal; Michele McCall; Thomas R Ziegler; Daren K Heyland



A Sulfur Amino Acid–Free Meal Increases Plasma Lipids in Humans

by Youngja Park; Ngoc-Anh Le; Tianwei Yu; Fred Strobel; Nana Gletsu-Miller; Carolyn Jonas Accardi; Kichun S. Lee; Shaoxiong Wu; Thomas R Ziegler; Dean P Jones