Tene Lewis


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Geographic Disparities in the Incidence of Stroke among Patients with Atrial Fibrillation in the United States

by J'Neka S. Claxton; Pamela L. Lutsey; Richard F. MacLehose; Lin Y. Chen; Tene Lewis; Alvaro Alonso



Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Burden During the Menopause Transition and Late Midlife Subclinical Vascular Disease: Does Race/Ethnicity Matter?

by Emma Barinas-Mitchell; Chunzhe Duan; Maria Brooks; Samar R. El Khoudary; Rebecca C. Thurston; Karen A. Matthews; Elizabeth A. Jackson; Tene Lewis; Carol A. Derby



Neighborhood characteristics and ideal cardiovascular health among Black adults: results from the Morehouse-Emory Cardiovascular (MECA) Center for Health Equity

by Shabatun J Islam; Jeong Hwan Kim; Peter Baltrus; Matthew Topel; Chang Liu; Yi-An Ko; Mahasin S Mujahid; Viola Vaccarino; Mario Sims; Mohamed Mubasher; Ahsan Khan; Kiran Ejaz; Charles Searles; Sandra Dunbar; Priscilla Pemu; Herman Taylor; Arshed Quyyumi; Tene Lewis



Study Selection Bias and Racial or Ethnic Disparities in Estimated Age at Onset of Cardiometabolic Disease Among Midlife Women in the US

by Alexis Reeves; Michael R Elliott; Tene Lewis; Carrie A Karvonen-Gutierrez; William H Herman; Siobán D Harlow



Self-Reported Experiences of Discrimination and Inflammation Among Men and Women: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

by Kiarri N Kershaw; Tene Lewis; Ana V. Diez Roux; Nancy S. Jenny; Kiang Liu; Frank J. Penedo; Mercedes Carnethon



Extreme racism-related events and poor sleep in African-American women

by Izraelle I McKinnon; Dayna Johnson; Raphiel Murden; Christy L Erving; Rachel Parker; Miriam E Van Dyke; Viola Vaccarino; Bianca Booker; Renee H Moore; Tene Lewis