Tim Slesnick


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Radiation Safety in Children With Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease A Scientific Position Statement on Multimodality Dose Optimization From the Image Gently Alliance

by Kevin D. Hill; Donald P. Frush; B. Kelly Han; Brian G. Abbott; Aimee K. Armstrong; Robert A. DeKemp; Andrew C. Glatz; S. Bruce Greenberg; Alexander Sheldon Herbert; Henri Justino; Douglas Mah; Mahadevappa Mahesh; Cynthia K. Rigsby; Timothy C. Slesnick; Keith J. Strauss; Sigal Trattner; Mohan N. Viswanathan; Andrew J. Einstein



Transcatheter Hepatic Conduit-Azygous Vein Connection Reduces Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformations in a Cyanotic Fontan Patient

by Kanishka Ratnayaka; Zhenglun A Wei; Justin R Ryan; Caitlin M Heyden; Hari K Narayan; Timothy Slesnick; Robert Lederman; John W Moore; Ajit Yoganathan; Howaida G El-Said



Impact of Initial Shunt Type on Echocardiographic Indices in Children After Single Right Ventricle Palliations The SVR Trial at 6 Years

by Peter C. Frommelt; Chenwei Hu; Felicia Trachtenberg; Jeanne Marie Baffa; Richard J. Boruta; Shahryar Chowdhury; James F. Cnota; Andreea Dragulescu; Jami C. Levine; Jimmy Lu; Laura Mercer-Rosa; Thomas A. Miller; Amee Shah; Timothy Slesnick; Gary Stapleton; Jessica Stelter; Pierre Wong; Jane W. Newburger