Thomas R. Gillespie PhD


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Gregariousness is associated with parasite species richness in a community of wild chimpanzees

by Thomas Gillespie; Elizabeth Lonsdorf; JR Deere; KL Schaber; S Foerster; IC Gilby; JT Feldblum; K VanderWaal; TM Wolf; DA Travis; J Raphael; I Lipende; D Mjungu; AE Pusey



Epidemiology of Pathogenic Enterobacteria in Humans, Livestock, and Peridomestic Rodents in Rural Madagascar

by DeAnna C. Bublitz; Patricia C. Wright; Jonathan R. Bodager; Fidisoa T. Rasambainarivo; James B. Bliska; Thomas R. Gillespie



Assessing Host-Virus Codivergence for Close Relatives of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Infecting African Great Apes

by Nadège F. Madinda; Bernhard Ehlers; Joel O. Wertheim; Chantal Akoua-Koffi; Richard A. Bergl; Christophe Boesch; Dieudonné Boji Mungu Akonkwa; Winnie Eckardt; Barbara Fruth; Thomas Gillespie; Maryke Gray; Gottfried Hohmann; Stomy Karhemere; Deo Kujirakwinja; Kevin Langergraber; Jean-Jacques Muyembe; Radar Nishuli; Maude Pauly; Klara J. Petrzelkova; Martha M. Robbins; Angelique Todd; Grit Schubert; Tara Stoinski; Roman M. Wittig; Klaus Zuberbuhler; Martine Peeters; Fabian H. Leendertz; Sébastien Calvignac-Spencer



Antimicrobial Resistance Creates Threat to Chimpanzee Health and Conservation in the Wild

by Thomas Gillespie; Elizabeth Lonsdorf; MB Parsons; DA Travis; I Lipende; D Elchoufi; B Gilagiza; A Collins; S Kamenya; R Tauxe



Research and conservation in the greater Gombe ecosystem: Challenges and opportunities

by Thomas Gillespie; Elizabeth Lonsdorf; ML Wilson; DC Mjungu; S Kamenya; EW Kimaro; DA Collins; DA Travis; I Lipende; D Mwacha; SA Ndimuligo; L Pintea; J Raphael; ER Mtiti; BH Hahn; AE Pusey; J Goodall



Molecular characterization of Giardia duodenalis and evidence for cross-species transmission in Northern Argentina

by Sahana Kuthyar; Martin M. Kowalewski; Matthew Seabolt; Dawn M. Roellig; Thomas Gillespie



Epidemiology and Molecular Characterization of Cryptosporidium spp. in Humans, Wild Primates, and Domesticated Animals in the Greater Gombe Ecosystem, Tanzania

by Michelle Parsons; Dominic Travis; Elizabeth V. Lonsdorf; Iddi Lipende; Dawn M. Anthony Roellig; Shadrack Kamenya; Hongwei Zhang; Lihua Xiao; Thomas Gillespie