Timothy D Read PhD


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Pre-epidemic evolution of the MRSA USA300 clade and a molecular key for classification

by Colleen M Bianco; Ahmed M Moustafa; Kelsey O'Brien; Michael A Martin; Timothy Read; Barry N Kreiswirth; Paul J Planet



Dissecting Vancomycin-Intermediate Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Using Genome-Wide Association

by Md Tauqeer Alam; Robert A. Petit, III; Emily Crispell; Timothy A. Thornton; Karen N Conneely; Yunxuan Jiang; Sarah Satola; Timothy D Read



Dynamic PET-facilitated modeling and high-dose rifampin regimens for Staphylococcus aureus orthopedic implant-associated infections

by Oren Gordon; Donald E Lee; Bessie Liu; Brooke Langevin; Alvaro A Ordonez; Dustin A Dikeman; Babar Shafiq; John M Thompson; Paul D Sponseller; Kelly Flavahan; Martin A Lodge; Steven P Rowe; Robert F Dannals; Camilo A Ruiz-Bedoya; Timothy Read; Charles A Peloquin; Nathan K Archer; Lloyd S Miller; Kimberly M Davis; Jogarao VS Gobburu; Sanjay K Jain