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A Single Amino Acid Substitution in Elongation Factor G Can Confer Low-Level Gentamicin Resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

by Timothy Read; William Shafer; CL Holley; V Dhulipala; JT Balthazar; A Le Van; AA Begum; S-C Chen; M Matoga; IF Hoffman; D Golparian; M Unemo; AE Jerse



Dynamics of genome change among Legionella species

by Sandeep J. Joseph; Daniel Cox; Bernard Wolff; Shatavia S. Morrison; Natalia A. Kozak-Muiznieks; Michael Frace; Xavier Didelot; Santiago Castillo-Ramirez; Jonas Winchell; Timothy Read; Deborah Dean



Draft sequencing and assembly of the genome of the world's largest fish, the whale shark: Rhincodon typus Smith 1828

by Timothy Read; Robert A. Petit; Sandeep J. Joseph; Md Tauqeer Alam; M. Ryan Weil; Maida Ahmad; Ravila Bhimani; Jocelyn S. Vuong; Chad P. Haase; D. Harry Webb; Milton Tan; Alistair D. M. Dove



Rapid Multi-Locus Sequence Typing Using Microfluidic Biochips

by Timothy D Read; Rosemary S. Turingan; Christopher Cook; Heidi Giese; Hans Thomann; Catherine C. Hogan; Eugene Tan; Richard F. Selden



Global mRNA decay analysis at single nucleotide resolution reveals segmental and positional degradation patterns in a Gram-positive bacterium

by Simen M. Kristoffersen; Chad Haase; M. Ryan Weil; Karla D. Passalacqua; Faheem Niazi; Stephen K. Hutchison; Brian Desany; Anne-Brit Kolsto; Nicolas J. Tourasse; Timothy D Read; Ole Andreas Okstad



Interplay of recombination and selection in the genomes of Chlamydia trachomatis

by Sandeep J. Joseph; Xavier Didelot; Khanjan Gandhi; Deborah Dean; Timothy D Read



Whole genome sequencing of phage resistant Bacillus anthracis mutants reveals an essential role for cell surface anchoring protein CsaB in phage AP50c adsorption

by Kimberly A. Bishop-Lilly; Roger D. Plaut; Peter E. Chen; Arya Akmal; Kristin M. Willner; Amy Butani; Shakia Dorsey; Vishwesh Mokashi; Alfred J. Mateczun; Carol Chapman; Matroner George; Truong Luu; Timothy D Read; Richard Calendar; Scott Stibitz; Shanmuga Sozhamannan