Tammie Quest MD


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Unconditional Care in Academic Emergency Departments

by Jeffrey A. Kline; John H. Burton; Christopher R. Carpenter; Zachary F. Meisel; James R. Miner; Craig D. Newgard; Tammie Quest; Ian B. K. Martin; James F. Holmes; Amy H. Kaji; Steven B. Bird; Wendy C. Coates; Michelle Lall; Angela M. Mills; Megan L. Ranney; Richard E. Wolfe; Stephen C. Dorner



Transcending differences to study the transcendent: an exploratory study of researchers' and chaplains' reflections on interdisciplinary spiritual care research collaboration

by Richard A. Powell; Linda Emanuel; George Handzo; John Lantos; Laura B. Dunn; Ellen Idler; Diane J. Wilkie; Kevin Massey; William T. Summerfelt; Marilyn J. D. Barnes; Tammie Quest; Allison Kestenbaum; Karen Steinhauser; George Fitchett; Angelika Zollfrank; Annette K. Olsen; Tracy A. Balboni; Dane Sommer