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YRK: NND-Neuroscience

Yerkes National Primate Resear

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Global analysis of alternative splicing differences between humans and chimpanzees

by John A. Calarco; Yi Xing; Mario Caceres; Joseph P. Calarco; Xinshu Xiao; Qun Pan; Christopher Lee; Todd M Preuss; Benjamin J. Blencowe



Comparative pathobiology of beta-amyloid and the unique susceptibility of humans to Alzheimer's disease

by Rebecca F. Rosen; Yasushi Tomidokoro; Aaron S. Farberg; Jeromy Dooyema; Brian Ciliax; Todd Preuss; Thomas A. Neubert; Jorge A. Ghiso; Harry LeVine. III; Lary Walker



Comparative Methylome Analyses Identify Epigenetic Regulatory Loci of Human Brain Evolution.

by Isabel Mendizabal; Lei Shi; Thomas E. Keller; Genevieve Konopka; Todd Preuss; Tzung-Fu Hsieh; Enzhi Hu; Zhe Zhang; Bing Su; Soojin V. Yi



Hemispheric asymmetry of primary auditory cortex and Heschl's gyrus in schizophrenia and nonpsychiatric brains

by John F. Smiley; Troy A. Hackett; Todd Preuss; Cynthia Bleiwas; Khadija Figarsky; J. John Mann; Gorazd Rosoklija; Daniel C. Javitt; Andrew J. Dwork



Human-Specific Transcriptional Networks in the Brain

by Genevieve Konopka; Tara Friedrich; Jeremy Davis-Turak; Kellen Winden; Michael C. Oldham; Fuying Gao; Leslie Chen; Guang-Zhong Wang; Rui Luo; Todd M Preuss; Daniel H. Geschwind



Differences between chimpanzees and bonobos in neural systems supporting social cognition

by James K Rilling; Jan Scholz; Todd M Preuss; Matthew F. Glasser; Bhargav K. Errangi; Timothy E. Behrens