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YRK: NND-Neuroscience

Yerkes National Primate Resear

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Correspondence between Resting-State Activity and Brain Gene Expression

by Guang-Zhong Wang; T. Grant Belgard; Deng Mao; Leslie Chen; Stefano Berto; Todd Preuss; Hanzhang Lu; Daniel H. Geschwind; Genevieve Konopka



The aged rhesus macaque manifests Braak stage III/IV Alzheimer's-like pathology

by Constantinos D. Paspalas; Becky C. Carlyle; Shannon Leslie; Todd M Preuss; Johanna L. Crimins; Anita J. Huttner; Christopher H. van Dyck; Douglas L. Rosene; Angus C. Nairn; Amy F.T. Arnsten



Evolution of the cerebellar cortex: The selective expansion of prefrontal-projecting cerebellar lobules

by J.H. Balsters; E. Cussans; J. Diedrichsen; K.A. Phillips; Todd Preuss; James Rilling; N. Ramnani



Quantitative assessment of prefrontal cortex in humans relative to nonhuman primates

by Chad J. Donahue; Matthew F. Glasser; Todd M Preuss; James K Rilling; David C. Van Essen



Human-Specific Histone Methylation Signatures at Transcription Start Sites in Prefrontal Neurons

by Hennady P. Shulha; Jessica L. Crisci; Denis Reshetov; Jogender S. Tushir; Iris Cheung; Rahul Bharadwaj; Hsin-Jung Chou; Isaac B. Houston; Cyril J. Peter; Amanda C. Mitchell; Wei-Dong Yao; Richard H. Myers; Jiang-Fan Chen; Todd Preuss; Evgeny I. Rogaev; Jeffrey D. Jensen; Zhiping Weng; Schahram Akbarian