Timothy Moran


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Hormonal contraceptive use moderates the association between worry and error-related brain activity

by Courtney C Louis; Chelsea Kneip; Tim Moran; Adriene M Beltz; Kelly L Klump; Jason S Moser



Use of person-centered goals to direct interdisciplinary care for military service members and Veterans with chronic mTBI and co-occurring psychological conditions

by Tracey D Wallace; Katherine L McCauley; April T Hodge; Tim Moran; Stephen T Porter; Maya C Whaley; Russell K Gore



Undertreatment of opioid use disorder in patients hospitalized with injection drug use-associated infections

by Elana S. Rosenthal; Christopher Brokus; Junfeng Sun; Joseph Carpenter; Jillian Catalanotti; Ellen F. Eaton; Alaina Steck; Irene Kuo; Greer A. Burkholder; Hana Akselrod; Keanan McGonigle; Tim Moran; William Mai; Melissa Notis; Carlos del Rio; Alan Greenberg; Michael S. Saag; Shyamasundaran Kottilil; Henry Masur; Sarah Kattakuzhy



Management of Minor Traumatic Brain Injury in an ED Observation Unit

by Matthew Wheatley; Shikha Kapil; Amanda Lewis; Jessica Walsh O'Sullivan; Joshua Armentrout; Tim Moran; Anwar Osborne; Brooks Moore; Bryan Morse; Peter Rhee; Faiz Ahmad; Hany Atallah