Thomas C Pearson MD


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Surgical Complications in 275 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infected Liver and/or Kidney Transplant Recipients

by J. Harbell; J. Fung; N. Nissen; K. Olthoff; S. S. Florman; D. W. Hanto; J. Light; S. T. Bartlett; A. G. Tzakis; Thomas C Pearson; B. Barin; M. E. Roland; P. G. Stock



Decreased Incidence of NSF in Patients on Dialysis After Changing Gadolinium Contrast-Enhanced MRI Protocols

by Diego R. Martin; Saravanan K. Krishnamoorthy; Bobby Kalb; Khalil N. Salman; Puneet Sharma; John D. Carew; Phillip A. Martin; Arlene Chapman; Gaye L. Ray; Christian Larsen; Thomas Pearson



Effect of the iChoose Kidney decision aid in improving knowledge about treatment options among transplant candidates: A randomized controlled trial

by Rachel Patzer; Laura McPherson; Mohua Basu; Sumit Mohan; Michael Wolf; Mariana Chiles; Allison Russell; Jennifer C. Gander; John J. Friedewald; Daniela Ladner; Christian P Larsen; Thomas Pearson; Stephen Pastan



Kinetics of antibody response to influenza vaccination in renal transplant recipients

by Shivaprakash Gangappa; Jens Wrammert; David Wang; Zhu-Nan Li; Justine S. Liepkalns; Weiping Cao; Jufu Chen; Min Z. Levine; James Stevens; Suryaprakash Sambhara; Beth Begley; Aneesh Mehta; Thomas Pearson; Rafi Ahmed; Christian Larsen