Tristram G Parslow MD/PhD


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Targeting alpha(4)beta(7) integrin reduces mucosal transmission of simian immunodeficiency virus and protects gut-associated lymphoid tissue from infection

by Siddappa Byrareddy; Brianne Kallam; James Arthos; Claudia Cicala; Fatima Nawaz; Joseph Hiatt; Ellen N. Kersh; Janet M. McNicholl; Debra Hanson; Keith A. Reimann; Markus Brameier; Lutz Walter; Kael Rogers; Ann E. Mayne; Paul Dunbar; Tara Villinger; Dawn Little; Tristram Parslow; Philip Santangelo; Francois Villinger; Anthony S. Fauci; Aftab Ansari



The Eps15 homology (EH) domain-based interaction between Eps15 and Hrb connects the molecular machinery of endocytosis to that of nucleocytosolic transport

by Margherita Doria; Anna Elisabetta Salcini; Emanuela Colombo; Tristram G Parslow; Pier Giuseppe Pelicci; Pier Paolo Di Fiore



Sustained virologic control in SIV+ macaques after antiretroviral and alpha(4)beta(7) antibody therapy

by Siddappa Byrareddy; James Arthos; Claudia Cicala; Francois Villinger; Kristina T. Ortiz; Dawn Little; Neil Sidell; Maureen A. Kane; Jianshi Yu; Jace W. Jones; Philip J. Santangelo; Chiara Zurla ; Lyle R. McKinnon; Kelly B. Arnold; Caroline E. Woody ; Lutz Walter ; Christian Roos; Angela Noll; Donald Van Ryk; Katija Jelicic; Raffaello Cimbro; Sanjeev Gumbar; Michelle Dian Reid; Volkan Adsay; Praveen K. Amancha; Ann E. Mayne; Tristram G Parslow; Anthony S. Fauci; Aftab A Ansari