Timothy W Olsen MD


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A pharmacodynamic analysis of choroidal neovascularization in a porcine model using three targeted drugs

by Jeffrey Tran; Caroline Craven; Kathy Wabner; Jenn Schmit; Brock Matter; Uday Kompella; Hans Grossniklaus; Timothy Olsen



A Model to Study Thermal Energy Delivery to the Choroid: A Comparison of Surgical Devices

by Stephen A. LoBue; Prashant Tailor; Jarel K. Gandhi; Paul Loftness; Timothy Olsen



Hydroxychloroquine retinopathy screening

by Anne E Semmer; Michael S Lee; Andrew R Harrison; Timothy W Olsen



Drug Tissue Distribution of TUDCA From a Biodegradable Suprachoroidal Implant versus Intravitreal or Systemic Delivery in the Pig Model

by Timothy Olsen; Roy B. Dyer; Fukutaro Mano; Jeffrey Boatright; Micah A. Chrenek; Daniel Paley; Kathy Wabner; Jenn Schmit; Ju Byung Chae; Jana T. Sellers; Ravinder J. Singh; Timothy S. Wiedmann



Long-term Management of Panuveitis and Iris Heterochromia in an Ebola Survivor

by Jessica Shantha; Ian Crozier; Jay Varkey; Colleen Kraft; George Lyon III; Aneesh Mehta; Renee Donahue Carlson; Charles Hill; Gokul Kumar; Matthew R. Debiec; Purnima Patel; Timothy Olsen; Robert B. Nussenblatt; Daniel F. Martin; Ute Stroeher; Timothy M. Uyeki; Bruce Ribner; Justine R. Smith; Steven Yeh



Macrophage polarization in the maculae of age-related macular degeneration: A pilot study

by Xiaoguang Cao; Defen Shen; Mrinali M. Patel; Jingsheng Tuo; T. Mark Johnson; Timothy W Olsen; Chi-Chao Chan



Interleukin-17 Retinotoxicity Is Prevented by Gene Transfer of a Soluble Interleukin-17 Receptor Acting as a Cytokine Blocker: Implications for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

by Daniel Ardeljan; Yujuan Wang; Stanley Park; Defen Shen; Xi Kathy Chu; Cheng-Rong Yu; Mones Abu-Asab; Jingsheng Tuo; Charles G. Eberhart; Timothy Olsen; Robert F. Mullins; Gary White; Sam Wadsworth; Abraham Scaria; Chi-Chao Chan



Comparison Among Methods of Retinopathy Assessment (CAMRA) Study Smartphone, Nonmydriatic, and Mydriatic Photography

by Martha E. Ryan; Ramachandran Rajalakshmi; Vijayaraghavan Prathiba; Ranjit Mohan Anjana; Harish Ranjani; K.M. Venkat Narayan; Timothy W Olsen; Viswanathan Mohan; Laura Ward; Michael Lynn; Andrew M. Hendrick