Terri McFadden MD


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Effect of Medication Label Units of Measure on Parent Choice of Dosing Tool: A Randomized Experiment

by H. Shonna Yin; Ruth Parker; Lee M. Sanders; Benard P. Dreyer; Alan Mendelsohn; Stacy Bailey; Deesha A. Patel; Jessica J. Jimenez; Kwang-Youn A. Kim; Kara Jacobson; Laurie Hedlund; Rosa Landa; Leslie Maness; Purvi Tailor Raythatha; Terri McFadden; Michael S. Wolf



Implementation of Web-Based Autism Screening in an Urban Clinic

by Bianca A. Brooks; Kiauhna Haynes; Joy Smith; Terri McFadden; Diana L. Robins