Tim Lian PhD


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Unconventional interfacial water structure of highly concentrated aqueous electrolytes at negative electrode polarizations

by Caho-Yu Li; Ming Chen; Shuai Liu; Xinyao Lu; Jinhui Meng; Jiawei Yan; Héctor D Abruña; Guang Feng; Tianquan Lian



Epitaxial growth of highly symmetrical branched noble metal-semiconductor heterostructures with efficient plasmon-induced hot-electron transfer

by Tianquan Lian; L Zhai; ST Gebre; B Chen; D Xu; J Chen; Z Li; Y Liu; H Yang; C Ling; Y Ge; W Zhai; C Chen; L Ma; Q Zhang; X Li; Y Yan; X Huang; L Li; Z Guan; CL Tao; Z Huang; H Wang; J Liang; Y Zhu; CS Lee; P Wang; C Zhang; L Gu; Y Du; H Zhang; XJ Wu



Direct triplet sensitization of oligothiophene by quantum dots

by Zihao Xu; Tao Jin; Yiming Huang; Karimulla Mulla; Francesco Evangelista; Eilaf Egap; Tianquan Lian



Vibrational Stark shift spectroscopy of catalysts under the influence of electric fields at electrode–solution interfaces

by Dhritiman Bhattacharyya; Pablo E Videla; Mauricio Cattaneo; Victor S Batista; Tianquan Lian; Clifford P Kubiak



Amine Hole Scavengers Facilitate Both Electron and Hole Transfer in a Nanocrystal/Molecular Hybrid Photocatalyst

by Tianquan Lian; Yawei Liu; ST Gebre; LM Kiefer; F Guo; KR Yang; C Miller; CP Kubiak; VS Batista



Robust Binding of Disulfide-Substituted Rhenium Bipyridyl Complexes for CO<inf>2</inf> Reduction on Gold Electrodes

by Mauricio Cattaneo; Facheng Guo; H. Ray Kelly; Pablo E. Videla; Laura Kiefer; Sara Gebre; Aimin Ge; Qiliang Liu; Shaoxiong Wu; Tianquan Lian; Victor S. Batista