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Telehealth Policy, Practice, and Education: a Position Statement of the Society of General Internal Medicine

by Anders Chen; Mariam H. Ayub; Rebecca G. Mishuris; Jorge A. Rodriguez; Kendrick Gwynn; Margaret C. Lo; Craig Noronha; Tracey Henry; Danielle Jones; Wei Wei Lee; Malvika Varma; Elizabeth Cuevas; Chavon Onumah; Reena Gupta; John Goodson; Amy D. Lu; Quratulain Syed; Leslie W. Suen; Erica Heiman; Bisan Salhi; Elaine C. Khoong; Stacie Schmidt



A Case for Case Reports: How to Write One and Promote Mentorship, Scholarship and Faculty Development.

by Shanu Gupta; Alyssa Kimble; Tracey Henry; Alfred Burger; Rahul Mhaskar; Lauren Block



Health Justice Standards in Graduate Medical Education: Moving from Performative to Concrete Change

by Francois Rollin; Tracey Henry; Shub Agrawal; VE Van Doren; ML Spencer; D Resnick; MLW Garcia; K Desai; A Fazal; R Sadjadi



Focusing on Vulnerable Populations During COVID-19.

by SreyRam Kuy; Raymond Tsai; Jay Bhatt; Quyen D. Chu; Pritesh Gandhi; Rohit Gupta; Reshma Gupta; Michael K. Hole; Benson S. Hsu; Lauren S. Hughes; Lenore Jarvis; Sachin "Sunny" Jha; Alagappan Annamalai; Mansi Kotwal; Joseph V. Sakran; Sameer Vohra; Tracey Henry; Ricardo Correa



Advocacy in Action: a Comprehensive Student-Led Proactive Outreach to Patients at Highest Risk

by Rebbecca S Goldstein; Alyssa R Greenhouse; Anjali Om; Carson R Ward; Leslie Marshburn; Cinnamon D Bradley; Tracey Henry; Maura George



Primary Care Practice Transformation in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond: Key Principles for General Internal Medicine Practitioners

by Stacie Schmidt; Reena Gupta; Jennifer Bracey; Anna Volerman; Tracey Henry; Christopher Jackson; Diana Levine; Danielle Jones; James M. Richter; Jennifer Schmidt; Lisa Rotenstein; Zackary Berger; Kimberly Peairs; Harpreet Singh; Mark Schwartz; Jim Bailey; John Goodson