Teaniese Davis


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A qualitative examination of barriers and facilitators of pediatric enhanced recovery protocol implementation among 18 pediatric surgery services.

by Teaniese Davis; Willemijn LA Schäfer; Sarah Blake; Sharron Close; Sarah N Balbale; Joseph E Perry; Raul Perez Zarate; Martha Ingram; Jennifer Strople; Julie K Johnson; Jane L Holl; Mehul V Raval



A baseline assessment of enhanced recovery protocol implementation at pediatric surgery practices performing inflammatory bowel disease operations

by Sharron Close; Jonathan Vacek; Teaniese Davis; Benjamin T Many; Sharron Blake; Yue-Yung Hu; Jane L Holl; Julie Johnson; Jennifer Strople; Mehul Raval



Do As I Say: Using Communication Role-Plays to Assess Sexual Assertiveness Following an Intervention

by Laura M. Mercer Kollar; Teaniese Davis; Jennifer L. Monahan; Jennifer A. Samp; Valerie B. Coles; Erin L. P. Bradley; Jessica Sales; Sarah K. Comer; Timothy Worley; Eve Rose; Ralph Diclemente