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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Gastrointestinal Disorders in the Danish Population

by Jaimie L. Gradus; Dora Kormendine Farkas; Elisabeth Svensson; Vera Ehrenstein; Timothy L Lash; Henrik Toft Sorensen



Liquid biopsies and patient-reported outcome measures for integrative monitoring of patients with early-stage breast cancer: a study protocol for the longitudinal observational Prospective Breast Cancer Biobanking (PBCB) study

by Timothy Lash; H Soiland; EAM Janssen; T Helland; FM Eliassen; M Hagland; O Nordgard; S Lunde; TH Lende; JV Sagen; K Tjensvoll; B Gilje; K Jonsdottir; E Gudlaugsson; K Lode; KB Hagen; BH Gripsrud; R Lind; A Heie; T Aas; M Austdal; NG Egeland; T Bernklev; L Skartveit; AC Kroksveen; S Oltedal; JT Kvaloy; EA Lien; L Sleire; G Mellgren



Unspecified stress disorders and risk of arterial and venous thromboembolic disease in the Danish population

by Timothy Lash; ML Smith; DK Farkas; JA Sumner; U Valdimarsdottir; HT Sorensen; JL Gradus



Long-Term Risk of Hospitalization for Somatic Diseases among Survivors of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

by Timothy Lash; GV Sørensen; V Albieri; AS Holmqvist; F Erdmann; H Mogensen; M Talbäck; M Ifversen; M Feychting; K Schmiegelow; MM Heyman; JF Winther; H Hasle



Post-traumatic stress disorder and incident fractures in the Danish population

by Tammy Jiang; Katalin Veres; Dora Kormendine Farkas; Timothy L Lash; Henrik T. Sorensen; Jaimie L. Gradus



Gestational Weight Gain and Adverse Birth Outcomes in Twin Pregnancies

by Lisa M. Bodnar; Katherine P. Himes; Barbara Abrams; Timothy Lash; Sara M. Parisi; Cara L. Eckhardt; Betty J. Braxter; Sarah Minion; Jennifer A. Hutcheon



Long-term surveillance mammography and mortality in older women with a history of early stage invasive breast cancer

by Diana SM Buist; Jaclyn LF Bosco; Rebecca A Silliman; Heather Taffet Gold; Terry Field; Marianne Ulcickas Yood; Virginia P. Quinn; Marianne Prout; Timothy L Lash