Trisha Kesar


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Changes in the activation and function of the ankle plantar flexor muscles due to gait retraining in chronic stroke survivors

by Brian A. Knarr; Trisha M. Kesar; Darcy S. Reisman; Stuart A. Binder-Macleod; Jill S. Higginson



Targeting Paretic Propulsion to Improve Poststroke Walking Function: A Preliminary Study

by Louis N. Awad; Darcy S. Reisman; Trisha M. Kesar; Stuart A. Binder-Macleod



Time Course of Functional and Biomechanical Improvements During a Gait Training Intervention in Persons With Chronic Stroke

by Darcy Kesar; Darcy Reisman; Ramu Perumal; Margaret A. Roos; Katherine S. Rudolph; Jill Higginson; Erin Helm; Stuart Binder-Macleod



These legs were made for propulsion: advancing the diagnosis and treatment of post-stroke propulsion deficits

by Louis N. Awad; Michael D. Lewek; Trisha Kesar; Jason R. Franz; Mark G. Bowden