Tongzhong Ju

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Galectin-1 Induces Reversible Phosphatidylserine Exposure at the Plasma Membrane

by Sean R. Stowell; Sougata Karmakar; Connie Arthur; Tongzhong Ju; Lilian C. Rodrigues; Thalita B. Riul; Marcelo Dias-Baruffi; Jonathan Miner; Rodger P. McEver; Richard Cummings



Cellular O-Glycome Reporter/Amplification to explore O-glycans of living cells

by Matthew R. Kudelka; Aristotelis Antonopoulos; Yingchun Wang; Duc M. Duong; Xuezheng Song; Nicholas Seyfried; Anne Dell; Stuart M. Haslam; Richard Cummings; Tongzhong Ju



Epigenetic Silencing of the Chaperone Cosmc in Human Leukocytes Expressing Tn Antigen

by Rongjuan Mi; Lina Song; Yingchun Wang; Xiaokun Ding; Junwei Zeng; Sylvain Lehoux; Rajindra P. Aryal; Jianmei Wang; Vanja K. Crew; Irma van Die; Arlene B Chapman; Richard D. Cummings; Tongzhong Ju



Cosmc is an essential chaperone for correct protein O-glycosylation

by Yingchun Wang; Tongzhong Ju; Xiaokun Ding; Baoyun Xia; Wenyi Wang; Lijun Xia; Miao He; Richard Cummings



A novel fluorescent assay for T-synthase activity

by Tongzhong Ju; Baoyun Xia; Rajindra P Aryal; Wenyi Wang; Yingchun Wang; Xiaokun Ding; Rongjuan Mi; Miao He; Richard Cummings



Deciphering Structural Elements of Mucin Glycoprotein Recognition

by Andrew Borgert; Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro; Xuezheng Song; Yi Lasanajak; Tongzhong Ju; Mian Liu; Pamela Thompson; Govind Ragupathi; George Barany; David Smith; Richard Cummings; David Live; Debra Vidali