Tracey Lamb

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Adjunct Asst Professor

SOM: Peds: Infectious Disease

School Of Medicine

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Characterization of the Probiotic Yeast Saccharomyces boulardii in the Healthy Mucosal Immune System.

by Lauren E. Hudson; Courtney D. McDermott; Taryn P. Stewart; William H. Hudson; Daniel Rios; Milo Fasken; Anita Corbett; Tracey Lamb



The receptor tyrosine kinase EphB2 promotes hepatic fibrosis in mice

by Patrice N. Mimche; Lauren M. Brady; Christian F. Bray; Sylvie M. Mimche; Manoj Thapa; Thayer P. King; Kendra Quicke; Courtney D. McDermott; Choon Lee; Arash Grakoui; Edward T Morgan; Tracey Lamb



Platelet alpha-granules contribute to organ-specific pathologies in a mouse model of severe malaria

by Thayer K. Darling; Michael P. Schenk; Chengjing C. Zhou; Franklin M. Maloba; Patrice N. Mimche; Jonathan M. Gibbins; Shawn M. Jobe; Tracey Lamb



Integrative analysis associates monocytes with insufficient erythropoiesis during acute Plasmodium cynomolgi malaria in rhesus macaques

by Yan Tang; Chester J. Joyner; Monica Cabrera-Mora; Celia L. Saney; Stacey A. Lapp; Mustafa V. Nural; Suman B. Pakala; Jeremy D. DeBarry; Stephanie Soderberg; Jessica C. Kissinger; Tracey Lamb; Mary Galinski; Mark P. Styczynski



The contribution of Plasmodium chabaudi to our understanding of malaria

by Robin Stephens; Richard L. Culleton; Tracey Lamb



Gammaherpesvirus Co-infection with Malaria Suppresses Anti-parasitic Humoral Immunity

by Caline G. Matar; Neil R. Anthony; Nathan T O'Flaherty; Lalita Priyamvada; Christian R. Engwerda; Samuel Speck; Tracey Lamb