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REDUCE-IT USA Results From the 3146 Patients Randomized in the United States

by Terry Jacobson; DL Bhatt; M Miller; EA Brinton; PG Steg; SB Ketchum; RT Doyle; RA Juliano; L Jiao; C Granowitz; J-C Tardif; B Olshansky; MK Chung; CM Gibson; RP Giugliano; MJ Budoff; CM Ballantyne



Effect of a Pharmacist Intervention on Clinically Important Medication Errors after Hospital Discharge: A Randomized Controlled Trial

by Sunil Kripalani; Christianne L. Roumie; Anuj K Dalal; Courtney Cawthon; Alexandra Businger; Sveltlana Eden; Ayumi Shintani; Kelly Cunningham Sponsler; L. Jeff Harris; Cecelia Theobald; Robert L. Huang; Danielle Scheurer; Susan Hunt; Terry A Jacobson; Kimberly J Rask; Viola Vaccarino; Tejal K Gandhi; David W Bates; Mark V. Williams; Jeffrey Schnipper



Health Literacy and the Quality of Physician-Patient Communication During Hospitalization

by Sunil Kripalani; Terry Jacobson; C. Ileko Mugalla; R. Courtney Cawthon; Kurt J. Niesner; Viola Vaccarino



Development and Content Validity of the Statin Experience Assessment Questionnaire (SEAQ)©

by Terry Jacobson; Steven V. Edelman; Nina Galipeau; Alan L. Shields; Usha G. Mallya; Andrew Koren; Michael H. Davidson



Efficacy and Safety of the PCSK9 Inhibitor Evolocumab in Patients with Mixed Hyperlipidemia

by Robert S. Rosenson; Terry Jacobson; David Preiss; C Stephen Djedjos; Ricardo Dent; Ian Bridges; Michael Miller