Thomas Vanderford

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Research Assistant Professor

YRK: Microbiology & Immunology

Yerkes National Primate Resear

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Dualtropic CXCR6/CCR5 Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) Infection of Sooty Mangabey Primary Lymphocytes: Distinct Coreceptor Use in Natural versus Pathogenic Hosts of SIV

by Sarah T. C. Elliott; Katherine S. Wetzel; Nicholas Francella; Steven Bryan; Dino C. Romero; Nadeene E. Riddick; Farida Shaheen; Thomas Vanderford; Cynthia Derdeyn; Guido Silvestri; Mirko Paiardini; Ronald G. Collman



Viral CTL Escape Mutants Are Generated in Lymph Nodes and Subsequently Become Fixed in Plasma and Rectal Mucosa during Acute SIV Infection of Macaques

by Thomas Howerton Vanderford; Chelsea Bleckwehl; Jessica C. Engram; Richard M. Dunham; Nichole R. Klatt; Mark B. Feinberg; David A. Garber; Michael R. Betts; Guido Silvestri



Evolution of the uniquely adaptable lentiviral envelope in a natural reservoir host

by Linda Demma; Thomas Howerton Vanderford; JM Logsdon, Jr; MB Feinberg; SI Staprans



Intact Type I Interferon Production and IRF7 Function in Sooty Mangabeys

by Steven Bosinger; Zachary Peter Johnson; Kathryn A. Folkner; Nirav Patel; Tayebeh Hashempour; Simon P. Jochems; Perla M. del Rio Estrada; Mirko Paiardini; Rongtuan Lin; Thomas Howerton Vanderford; John Hiscott; Guido Silvestri



Antiretroviral Therapy in Simian Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Sooty Mangabeys: Implications for AIDS Pathogenesis

by Francesca Calascibetta; Luca Micci; Diane Carnathan; Benton Lawson; Thomas Howerton Vanderford; Steven Bosinger; Kirk Easley; Ann Chahroudi; Joseph Mackel; Brandon F. Keele; Samuel Long; Jeffrey Lifson; Mirko Paiardini; Guido Silvestri



Postnatal Zika virus infection is associated with persistent abnormalities in brain structure, function, and behavior in infant macaques

by Maud Mavigner; Jessica Raper; Zsofia Kovacs-Balint; Sanjeev Gumber; Justin T. O'Neal; Siddhartha Bhaumik; Xiaodong Zhang; Jakob Habib; Cameron Mattingly; Circe E. McDonald; Victoria Avanzato; Mark W. Burke; Diogo M. Magnani; Varian K. Bailey; David I. Watkins; Thomas Vanderford; Damien Fair; Eric Earl; Eric Feczko; Martin Styner; Sherrie Jean; Joyce Cohen; Guido Silvestri; R. Paul Johnson; David H. O'Connor; Jens Wrammert; Mehul S. Suthar; Mar Sanchez; Maria Alvarado; Ann Chahroudi



Reduced Chronic Lymphocyte Activation following Interferon Alpha Blockade during the Acute Phase of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection in Rhesus Macaques

by Diane Carnathan; Benton Lawson; Joana Yu; Kalpana Patel; James M. Billingsley; Gregory K. Tharp; Olivia M. Delmas; Reem Dawoud; Peter Wilkinson; Charles Nicolette; Mark J. Cameron; Rafick-Pierre Sekaly; Steven Bosinger; Guido Silvestri; Thomas Howerton Vanderford



Susceptibility to SIV Infection After Adenoviral Vaccination in a Low Dose Rhesus Macaque Challenge Model.

by Irene B. Brody; Roberto Calcedo; Mary J. Connell; Diane G. Carnathan; Martha Nason; Benton O. Lawson; Melon T. Nega; Surina Boyd; Qiuyue Qin; Thomas Howerton Vanderford; Jolaine M. Wilson; James M. Wilson; Guido Silvestri; Michael R. Betts