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SARS-CoV-2 RBD trimer protein adjuvanted with Alum-3M-052 protects from SARS-CoV-2 infection and immune pathology in the lung

by Rama Amara; Mehul Suthar; Lilin Lai; Thomas Vanderford; Narayanaiah Cheedarla; Sanjeev Gumber; Sailaja Gangadhara; Nanda Kishore Routhu; VS Bollimpelli; VV Edara; A Sahoo; A Shiferaw; TM Styles; K Floyd; S Fischinger; C Atyeo; SA Shin; S Kirejczyk; KH Dinnon; P-Y Shi; VD Menachery; M Tomai; CB Fox; G Alter; L Gralinski



A yeast expressed RBD-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine formulated with 3M-052-alum adjuvant promotes protective efficacy in non-human primates

by Kirk Easley; Mehul Suthar; Sudhir Kasturi; Joyce Cohen; Sherrie Jean; Jennifer Wood; Fawn Connor-Stroud; Thomas Vanderford; Rachelle Stammen; Sanjeev Gumber; Mirko Paiardini; Susan Pereira Ribeiro; Muhammad Latif; Rafick-Pierre Sekaly; M Pino; T Abid; SP Ribeiro; VV Edara; K Floyd; JC Smith; G Pacheco-Sanchez; D Dutta; S Wang; S Kirejczyk; J Pollet; W-H Chen; J Wei; B Zhan; J Lee; Z Liu; U Strych; N Shenvi; D Weiskopf; A Sette; J Pollara; D Mielke; H Gao; N Eisel; CC LaBranche; X Shen; G Ferrari; GD Tomaras; DC Montefiori; MA Tomai; CB Fox; PA Kozlowski; PJ Hotez; ME Bottazzi



Dualtropic CXCR6/CCR5 Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) Infection of Sooty Mangabey Primary Lymphocytes: Distinct Coreceptor Use in Natural versus Pathogenic Hosts of SIV

by Sarah T. C. Elliott; Katherine S. Wetzel; Nicholas Francella; Steven Bryan; Dino C. Romero; Nadeene E. Riddick; Farida Shaheen; Thomas Vanderford; Cynthia Derdeyn; Guido Silvestri; Mirko Paiardini; Ronald G. Collman



Immune durability and protection against SARS-CoV-2 re-infection in Syrian hamsters

by Jens Wrammert; Thomas Vanderford; CJ Field; TA Heinly; DR Patel; DG Sim; E Luley; SL Gupta; TC Sutton



Viral CTL Escape Mutants Are Generated in Lymph Nodes and Subsequently Become Fixed in Plasma and Rectal Mucosa during Acute SIV Infection of Macaques

by Thomas Howerton Vanderford; Chelsea Bleckwehl; Jessica C. Engram; Richard M. Dunham; Nichole R. Klatt; Mark B. Feinberg; David A. Garber; Michael R. Betts; Guido Silvestri



Evolution of the uniquely adaptable lentiviral envelope in a natural reservoir host

by Linda Demma; Thomas Howerton Vanderford; JM Logsdon, Jr; MB Feinberg; SI Staprans



Intact Type I Interferon Production and IRF7 Function in Sooty Mangabeys

by Steven Bosinger; Zachary Peter Johnson; Kathryn A. Folkner; Nirav Patel; Tayebeh Hashempour; Simon P. Jochems; Perla M. del Rio Estrada; Mirko Paiardini; Rongtuan Lin; Thomas Howerton Vanderford; John Hiscott; Guido Silvestri



Altered Response Pattern following AZD5582 Treatment of SIV-Infected, ART-Suppressed Rhesus Macaque Infants

by Steven Bosinger; Ann Chahroudi; Jennifer Wood; Thomas Vanderford; Maud Mavigner; KM Bricker; V Obregon-Perko; B Williams; D Oliver; F Uddin; M Neja; L Hopkins; A Dashti; S Jean; S Ehnert; S Liang; GK Tharp; AP Schauer; ML Cottrell; D Margolis; RM Dunham



Simian-Human Immunodeficiency Virus SHIVCCH505 Persistence in ART-Suppressed Infant Macaques Is Characterized by Elevated SHIV RNA in the Gut and a High Abundance of Intact SHIV DNA in Naive CD4(+) T Cells

by Guido Silvestri; Ann Chahroudi; Thomas Vanderford; Maud Mavigner; V Obregon-Perko; KM Bricker; G Mensah; F Uddin; MR Kumar; EJ Fray; RF Siliciano; N Schoof; A Horner; S Liang; J Sass; C Chan; SJ Berendam; KJ Bar; GM Shaw; GG Fouda; SR Permar