Theresa Wicklin Gillespie PhD, MA, FAAN


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Cancer Outcomes Research in a Rural Area: A Multi-Institution Partnership Model

by Michael Goodman; Lyn Almon; Rana Bayakly; Susan O Butler; Carol Crosby; Colleen K Diiorio; Donatus Ekwueme; Diane Fletcher; John Fowler; Theresa Wicklin Gillespie; Karen Glanz; Ingrid Hall; Judith Lee; Jonathan Liff; Joseph Lipscomb; Lori A. Pollack; Lisa C. Richardson; Phillip Roberts; Kyle Steenland; Kevin Ward



Effect of Increasing Levels of Web-Based Behavioral Support on Changes in Physical Activity, Diet, and Symptoms in Men With Prostate Cancer: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial.

by Kerri M Winters-Stone; Stacey A Kenfield; Erin L Van Blarigan; Esther L Moe; Justin W Ramsdill; Kimi Daniel; Greta Macaire; Kellie Paich; Elizabeth R Kessler; Omer Kucuk; Theresa Gillespie; Karen S Lyons; Tomasz M Beer; Jeanette M Broering; Peter R Carroll; June M Chan



Linking population-based cohorts with cancer registries in LMIC: a case study and lessons learnt in India

by Aastha Aggarwal; Ranganathan Rama; Preet K Dhillon; Mohan Deepa; Dimple Kondal; Naveen Kaushik; Dipika Bumb; Ravi Mehrotra; Betsy A Kohler; Viswanathan Mohan; Theresa Gillespie; Alpa Patel; Swaminathan Rajaraman; Dorairaj Prabhakaran; Kevin Ward; Michael Goodman