Tamara Espinoza


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A Novel Neuropsychological Tool for Immersive Assessment of Concussion and Correlation with Subclinical Head Impacts.

by Tamara Espinoza; Kristopher A Hendershot; Brian Liu; Andrea Knezevic; Breanne B Jacobs; Russell K Gore; Kevin M Guskiewicz; Jeffery J Bazarian; Shean E Phelps; David Wright; Michelle LaPlaca



A common neural signature of brain injury in concussion and subconcussion

by Adnan Hirad; Jeffrey J. Bazarian; Kian Merchant-Borna; Frank E. Garcea; Sarah Heilbronner; David Paul; Eric Hintz; Edwin van Wijngaarden; Giovanni Schifitto; David Wright; Tamara Espinoza; Bradford Z. Mahon