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SPH: Environmental Health

School Of Public Health

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Burden of disease from inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene in low- and middle-income settings: a retrospective analysis of data from 145 countries

by Annette Pruess-Ustuen; Jamie Bartram; Thomas Clasen; John M Colford; Oliver Cumming; Valerie Curtis; Sophie Bonjour; Alan D Dangour; Jennifer De France; Lorna Fewtrell; Matthew Freeman; Bruce Gordon; Paul R Hunter; Richard B Johnston; Colin Mathers; Daniel Maeusezahl; Kate Medlicott; Maria Neira; Meredith Stocks; Jennyfer Wolf; Sandy Cairncross



Effects of high altitude on respiratory rate and oxygen saturation reference values in healthy infants and children younger than 2 years in four countries: a cross-sectional study

by Mary E. Crocker; Shakir Hossen; Dina Goodman; Suzanne M. Simkovich; Miles Kirby; Lisa Thompson; Ghislaine Rosa; Sarada S. Garg; Gurusamy Thangavel; Eric D. McCollum; Jennifer Peel; Thomas Clasen; William Checkley



Burden of disease from inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene for selected adverse health outcomes: An updated analysis with a focus on low- and middle-income countries

by Annette Pruss-Ustun; Jennyfer Wolf; Jamie Bartram; Thomas Clasen; Oliver Cumming; Bruce Gordon; Matthew Freeman; Paul R. Hunter; Kate Medlicott; Richard Johnston



Challenges in the diagnosis of paediatric pneumonia in intervention field trials: recommendations from a pneumonia field trial working group

by D Goodman; ME Crocker; F Pervaiz; ED McCollum; Nelson Steenland; SM Simkovich; CH Miele; LL Hammitt; P Herrera; HJ Zar; H Campbell; CF Lanata; JP McCracken; Lisa Thompson; G Rosa; MA Kirby; S Garg; G Thangavel; V Thanasekaraan; K Balakrishnan; C King; Thomas Clasen; W Checkley; Ajay Pillarisetti; Azhar Nizam; P Barry Ryan; Dana Barr; Howard Chang; Jeremy Sarnat; Lance Waller; Lisa Elon; Usha Ramakrishnan



Comparison of Urinary Sodium and Blood Pressure Relationship From the Spot Versus 24-Hour Urine Samples

by Abu Mohd Naser; Mahbubur Rahman; Leanne Unicomb; Solaiman Doza; Shuchi Anand; Howard Chang; Stephen P. Luby; Thomas Clasen; Kabayam Venkat Narayan



Designing a comprehensive behaviour change intervention to promote and monitor exclusive use of liquefied petroleum gas stoves for the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network (HAPIN) trial

by Thomas CLASEN; Lisa Thompson; KN Williams; Z Sakas; M Hengstermann; A Quinn; A Diaz-Artiga; G Thangavel; E Puzzolo; G Rosa; K Balakrishnan; J Peel; W Checkley; TF Clasen; JJ Miranda; JP Rosenthal; SA Harvey



In Memoriam: Kirk R. Smith

by Thomas CLASEN; Lisa Thompson; Ajay Pillarisetti; K Balakrishnan; T Clasen; S Mehta; J Peel; A Pokhrel; J Samet; JJ Zhang



A risk assessment tool for resumption of research activities during the COVID-19 pandemic for field trials in low resource settings

by Lance Waller; Azhar Nizam; Usha Ramakrishnan; Thomas CLASEN; Lisa Elon; Jeremy Sarnat; Penelope Howards; Lisa Thompson; Nelson Steenland; P Ryan; Dana Barr; Ajay Pillarisetti; SM Simkovich; ML Clark; K Balakrishnan; A Bussalleu; W Checkley; T Clasen; VG Davila-Roman; A Diaz-Artiga; E Dusabimana; LDL Fuentes; S Harvey; MA Kirby; A Lovvorn; ED McCollum; EE Mollinedo; JL Peel; A Quinn; G Rosa; LJ Underhill; KN Williams; BN Young; J Rosenthal