Tatiana Chernova PhD


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Works 1-9 of 9


Application of yeast to studying amyloid and prion diseases

by Tatiana Chernova; YO Chernoff; AV Grizel; AA Rubelb; AA Zelinsky; P Chandramowlishwaran



Yeast Studies Reveal Moonlighting Functions of the Ancient Actin Cytoskeleton

by Evelyn Sattlegger; Tatiana Chernova; Neeku M. Gogoi; Indu V. Pillai; Yury O. Chernoff; Alan L. Munn



Yeast Short-Lived Actin-Associated Protein Forms a Metastable Prion in Response to Thermal Stress

by Tatiana Chernova; Denis A. Kiktev; Andrey V. Romanyuk; John R. Shanks; Oskar Laur; Moiez Ali; Abheek Ghosh; Dami Kim; Zhen Yang; Maggie Mang; Yury O. Chernoff; Keith Wilkinson



Aggregation and Prion-Inducing Properties of the G-Protein Gamma Subunit Ste18 are Regulated by Membrane Association

by Tatiana Chernova; Zhen Yang; Tatiana S. Karpova; John R. Shanks; Natalia Shcherbik; Keith Wilkinson; Yury O. Chernoff



Prion Induction by the Short-lived Stress Induced Protein Lsb2 Is Regulated by Ubiquitination and Association with the Actin Cytoskeleton

by Tatiana Chernova; Andrey V. Romanyuk; Tatiana S. Karpova; John R. Shanks; Moiez Ali; Nela Moffatt; Rebecca L. Howie; Andrew O'Dell; James G. McNally; Susan W. Liebman; Yury O. Chernoff; Keith D Wilkinson