Timothy George Buchman PhD/MD


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Pharmacogenomic biomarkers do not predict response to drotrecogin alfa in patients with severe sepsis

by Djillali Annane; Jean-Paul Mira; Lorraine B. Ware; Anthony C. Gordon; Charles J. Hinds; David C. Christiani; Jonathan Sevransky; Kathleen Barnes; Timothy George Buchman; Patrick Heagerty; Robert Balshaw; Nadia Lesnikova; Karen de Nobrega; Hugh F. Wellman; Mauricio Neira; Alexandra D. J. Mancini; Keith R. Walley; James A. Russell



The role of HSP70 in mediating age-dependent mortality in sepsis

by Kevin McConnell; Amy C. Fox; Andrew T. Clark; Nai-Yuan Nicholas Chang; Jessica A. Dominguez; Alton B Farris III; Timothy Buchman; Clayton R. Hunt; Craig Coopersmith



Generating Signals with Multiscale Time Irreversibility: The Asymmetric Weierstrass Function

by Anton Burykin; Madalena D. Costa; Chung-Kang Peng; Ary L. Goldberger; Timothy George Buchman



Critical care journals during the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges and responsibilities

by Giuseppe Citerio; Jan Bakker; Laurent Brochard; Timothy Buchman; Samir Jaber; Peter J. Mazzone; Jean-Louis Teboul; Jean-Louis Vincent; Elie Azoulay



Long-term survival following in-hospital cardiac arrest: A matched cohort study

by Paul Feingold; Michael J. Mina; Rachel M. Burke; Barry Hashimoto; Sara Gregg; Gregory Martin; Kenneth Leeper Jr.; Timothy Buchman