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Persistent intraocular Ebola virus RNA is associated with severe uveitis in a convalescent rhesus monkey

by Gabriella Worwa; Timothy K Cooper; Steven Yeh; Jessica Shantha; Amanda MW Hischak; Sarah E Klim; Russell Byrum; Jonathan R Kurtz; Scott M Anthony; Nina M Aiosa; Danny Ragland; Ji Hyun Lee; Marisa St Claire; Carl Davis; Rafi Ahmed; Michael R Holbrook; Jens H Kuhn; Erica O Saphire; Ian Crozier



Posterior Segment Ophthalmic Manifestations in Ebola Survivors, Sierra Leone

by Duncan E Berry; Clay J Bavinger; Alcides Filho Fernandes; John Mattia; Jalika Mustapha; Lloyd Harrison-Williams; Moges Teshome; Matthew J Vandy; Jessica Shantha; Steven Yeh



Multimodal diagnostic imaging in primary vitreoretinal lymphoma

by Lucy T Xu; Ye Huang; Albert Liao; Casey L Anthony; Alfredo Voloschin; Steven Yeh



Comprehensive Assessment of Quality of Life, Functioning, and Mental Health in Children With Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Noninfectious Uveitis

by Sampath Prahalad; Sheila Angeles-Han; Carolyn Drews-Botsch; Jessica Shantha; Steven Yeh; George Engelhard; Scott Lambert; J McDonald; A Cassedy; M Altaye; J Andringa; AM Cooper; T Hennard; GN Holland; K Jenkins; J Lipscomb; C McCracken; DK McCurdy; N Mwase; E Stahl; VM Utz; AA Walker