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Imaging in StrokeNet Realizing the Potential of Big Data

by David S. Liebeskind; Gregory W. Albers; Karen Crawford; Colin P. Derdeyn; Mark S. George; Yuko Y. Palesch; Arthur W. Toga; Steven Warach; Wenle Zhao; Thomas G. Brott; Ralph L. Sacco; Pooja Khatri; Jeffrey L. Saver; Steven C. Cramer; Steven Wolf; Joseph P. Broderick; Max Wintermark



Tai Chi and vestibular rehabilitation improve vestibulopathic gait via different neuromuscular mechanisms: Preliminary report

by Chris A McGibbon; David E Krebs; Stephen W Parker; Donna M Scarborough; Peter M Wayne; Steven L Wolf



Interdisciplinary Comprehensive Arm Rehabilitation Evaluation (ICARE): a randomized controlled trial protocol

by Carolee J. Winstein; Steven L Wolf; Alexnader W. Dromerick; Christianne J. Lane; Monica A. Nelson; Rebecca Lawthwaite; Sarah Blanton; Charro Scott; Aimee Reiss; Steven Yong Cen; Rahsaan Holley; Stanley P. Azen



Stroke Lesions in a Large Upper Limb Rehabilitation Trial Cohort Rarely Match Lesions in Common Preclinical Models

by Matthew A. Edwardson; Ximing Wang; Brent Liu; Li Ding; Christianne Lane; Caron Park; Monica A. Nelsen; Theresa A. Jones; Steven L Wolf; Carolee J. Winstein; Alexander W. Dromerick



Tai Chi Exercise in Medicine and Health Promotion

by Ching Lan; Steven Wolf; William W. N. Tsang



Minimal Detectable Change of the Actual Amount of Use Test and the Motor Activity Log: The EXCITE Trial

by Shuya Chen; Steven L Wolf; Qin Zhang; Paul A. Thompson; Carolee J. Winstein