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The Movement Imagery Questionnaire-Revised, Second Edition (MIQ-RS) Is a Reliable and Valid Tool for Evaluating Motor Imagery in Stroke Populations

by Andrew John Butler; Jennifer Cazeaux; Anna Fidler; Jessica Jansen; Nehama Lefkove; Melanie Gregg; Craig Hall; Kirk Easley; Neeta Shenvi; Steven L Wolf



Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT): Current Perspectives and Future Directions

by Aimee Reiss; Steven L Wolf; Elizabeth A. Hammel; Erin L. McLeod; Erin A. Williams



Home-based reach-to-grasp training for people after stroke: study protocol for a feasibility randomized controlled trial

by Ailie J. Turton; Paul Cunningham; Emma Heron; Frederike van Wijck; Cath Sackley; Chris Rogers; Keith Wheatley; Sue Jowett; Steven L Wolf; Paulette van Vliet



Tai Chi and vestibular rehabilitation improve vestibulopathic gait via different neuromuscular mechanisms: Preliminary report

by Chris A McGibbon; David E Krebs; Stephen W Parker; Donna M Scarborough; Peter M Wayne; Steven L Wolf



Genetic Factors, Brain Atrophy, and Response to Rehabilitation Therapy After Stroke

by Steven Wolf; SC Cramer; J See; B Liu; M Edwardson; X Wang; S Radom-Aizik; F Haddad; B Shahbaba; AW Dromerick; CJ Winstein



Differential patterns of cortical reorganization following constraint-induced movement therapy during early and late period after stroke: A preliminary study

by Lumy Sawaki; Andrew Butler; Xiaoyan Leng; Peter A. Wassenaar; Yusif Mohammad; Sarah Blanton; Krishnankutty Sathian; Deborah S. Nichols-Larsen; Steven L Wolf; David C. Good; George F. Wittenberg