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Genome-wide DNA hydroxymethylation changes are associated with neurodevelopmental genes in the developing human cerebellum

by Tao Wang; Qian Pan; Li Lin; Keith E. Szulwach; Chun-Xiao Song; Chuan He; Hao Wu; Stephen Warren; Peng Jin; Ranhui Duan; Xuekun Li



Incidence of Fragile X Syndrome by Newborn Screening for Methylated FMR1 DNA

by Brad Coffee; Krayton Keith; Igor Albizua; Tamika Malone; Julie Mowrey; Stephanie Sherman; Stephen T. Warren



Mosaic FMR1 Deletion Causes Fragile X Syndrome and Can Lead to Molecular Misdiagnosis

by Brad Coffee; Morna Ikeda; Dejan B. Budimirovic; Lawrence N. Hjelm; Walter E. Kaufmann; Stephen Warren



Microdeletions of 3q29 Confer High Risk for Schizophrenia

by Jennifer Mulle; Anne F Dodd; John A. McGrath; Paula S. Wolyniec; Adele A. Mitchell; Amol C. Shetty; Nara L. Sobreira; David Valle; M. Katharine Rudd; Glen Alan Satten; David J Cutler; Ann E. Pulver; Stephen T. Warren