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Harmonization and standardization of nucleus pulposus cell extraction and culture methods

by Sangwook Yoon; Svenja Illien-Junger; Steven Presciutti; S Basatvat; FC Bach; MN Barcellona; AL Binch; CT Buckley; B Bueno; NO Chahine; A Chee; LB Creemers; S Dudli; B Fearing; SJ Ferguson; J Gansau; B Gantenbein; R Gawri; JD Glaeser; S Grad; J Guerrero; L Haglund; PA Hernandez; JA Hoyland; C Huang; JC Iatridis; L Jing; P Kraus; LT Laagland; G Lang; V Leung; Z Li; T Lufkin; JC van Maanen; EE McDonnell; CJ Panebianco; S Rao; SM Richardson; S Romereim; TC Schmitz; J Schol; L Setton; D Sheyn; JW Snuggs; Y Sun; X Tan; MA Tryfonidou; N Vo; D Wang; B Williams; R Williams; CL Le Maitre



Use of Autologous Stem Cells in Lumbar Spinal Fusion: A Systematic Review of Current Clinical Evidence

by Zorica Buser; Patrck Hsieh; Hans-Joerg Meisel; Andrea C Skelly; Erika D Brodt; Darrel S Brodke; Jong-Beom Park; Sangwook Yoon; Jeffrey Wang



A comparison of computed tomography measures for diagnosing cervical spinal stenosis associated with myelopathy: A case-control study

by Brett A. Freedman; C. Edward Hoffler; Brian M. Cameron; John Rhee; M Bawa; DG Malone; M Bent; Sangwook Yoon



Structural Allograft Versus PEEK Implants in Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: A Systematic Review

by Amit Jain; Majd Marrache; Andrew Harris; Varun Puvanesarajah; Brian J. Neuman; Zorica Buser; Jeffrey C. Wang; Tim Yoon; Hans Jörg Meisel



Cell Therapy for Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: A Systematic Review

by Hans-Joerg Meisel; Neha Agarwal; Patrick C. Hsieh; Andrea Skelly; Jong-Beom Park; Darrel Brodke; Jeffrey C. Wang; Sangwook Yoon; Zorica Buser