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Biochemical Characterization of the Active Anti-Hepatitis C Virus Metabolites of 2,6-Diaminopurine Ribonucleoside Prodrug Compared to Sofosbuvir and BMS-986094

by Maryam Ehteshami; Sijia Tao; Tugba Ozturk; Longhu Zhou; Jong Cho; HongWang Zhang; Sheida Amiralaei; Jadd R. Shelton; Xiao Lu; Ahmed Khalil; Robert Domaoal; Robert A. Stanton; Justin E. Suesserman; Biing Lin; Sam S. Lee; Franck Amblard; Tony Whitaker; Steven J. Coats; Raymond Schinazi



Synthesis and evaluation of novel potent HCV NS5A inhibitors

by HongWang Zhang; Longhu Zhou; Franck Amblard; Junxing Shi; Drew R. Bobeck; Sijia Tao; Tamara R. McBrayer; Phillip Tharnish; Tony Whitaker; Steven J. Coats; Raymond F Schinazi



Enhanced Antiretroviral Therapy in Rhesus Macaques Improves RT-SHIV Viral Decay Kinetics

by Thomas North; Andradi Villalobos; Selwyn Hurwitz; Jesse D. Deere; Joanne Higgins; Payel Chatterjee; Sijia Tao; Robert C. Kauffman; Paul A. Luciw; James J Kohler; Raymond F Schinazi



Randomized, Double-Blind, Multicenter Safety and Efficacy Study of Rifalazil Compared with Azithromycin for Treatment of Uncomplicated Genital Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in Women

by William M. Geisler; Maria Luz G. Pascual; Judy Mathew; William D. Koltun; Franklin Morgan; Byron E. Batteiger; Annette Mayes; Sijia Tao; Selwyn Hurwitz; Chalom Sayada; Raymond F Schinazi



Substrates and Inhibitors of SAMHD1

by Joseph A. Hollenbaugh; Jadd Shelton; Sijia Tao; Sheida Amiralaei; Peng Liu; Xiao Lu; Russell W. Goetze; Longhu Zhou; James Nettles; Raymond Schinazi; Baek Kim