Shakira Suglia


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Childhood Adversity and Pubertal Development Among Puerto Rican Boys and Girls

by Shakira Suglia; C Chen; S Wang; AL Cammack; AK April-Sanders; EL McGlinchey; A Kubo; H Bird; G Canino; CS Duarte



Oral corticosteroid use, obesity, and ethnicity in children with asthma

by Jennifer A. Lucas; Miguel Marino Marino; Katie Fankhauser; Steffani R. Bailey; David Ezekiel-Herrera; Jorge Kaufmann; Stuart Cowburn; Shakira Suglia; Andrew Bazemore; Jon Puro; John Heintzman



Extracellular vesicle-enriched miRNA profiles across pregnancy in the MADRES cohort

by Carmen Marsit; Shakira Suglia; HB Foley; CG Howe; SP Eckel; T Chavez; L Gevorkian; EG Reyes; B Kapanke; D Martinez; S Xue; TM Bastain; CV Breton



Influence of Childhood Adversity and Infection on Timing of Menarche in a Multiethnic Sample of Women

by Shakira Suglia; AK April-Sanders; P Tehranifar; EL Argov; CB Rodriguez; JA McDonald



Trends in Blood Pressure and Hypertension among US Children and Adolescents, 1999-2018

by Shakira Suglia; ST Hardy; S Sakhuja; BC Jaeger; EM Urbina; DI Feig; P Muntner



Disparities in self-rated health across generations and through the life course

by Bruce G. Link; Ezra S. Susser; Pam Factor-Litvak; Dana March; Katrina L. Kezios; Gina S. Lovasi; Andrew G. Rundle; Shakira Suglia; Kim M. Fader; Howard F. Andrews; Eileen Johnson; Piera M. Cirillo; Barbara A. Cohn