Shaoyong Su PhD

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Phone: 404-727-9090


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Post Doc Fellow

SPH: Epidemiology

School Of Public Health

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The chromosome 9p21 risk locus is associated with angiographic severity and progression of coronary artery disease

by Riyaz S. Patel; Shaoyong Su; Ian J. Neeland; Ayushi Ahuja; Emir Veledar; Jinying Zhao; Anna Helgadottir; Hilma Holm; Jeffrey R. Gulcher; Kari Stefansson; Salina Waddy; Viola Vaccarino; A. Maziar Zafari; Arshed Ali Quyyumi



Obesity related methylation changes in DNA of peripheral blood leukocytes

by Xiaoling Wang; Haidong Zhu; Harold Snieder; Shaoyong Su; David Munn; Gregory Harshfield; Bernard L. Maria; Yanbin Dong; Frank Treiber; Bernard Gutin; Huidong Shi



Adhesion Molecule Polymorphisms and Pulse Wave Velocity in American Youth

by Haidong Zhu; Weili Yan; Yuande Tan; Ke Li; Gaston Kapuku; Frank A. Treiber; Shaoyong Su; Gregory A. Harshfield; Harold Snieder; Yanbin Dong



Genetic influences on heart rate variability at rest and during stress

by Xiaoling Wang; Xiuhua Ding; Shaoyong Su; Zhibin Li; Harriette Riese; Julian F. Thayer; Frank Treiber; Harold Snieder



Genetic influences on daytime and night-time blood pressure: Similarities and differences

by Xiaoling Wang; Xiuhua Ding; Shaoyong Su; Weili Yan; Gregory Harshfield; Frank Treiber; Harold Snieder



A longitudinal study of blood pressure variability in African-American and European American youth

by Zhibin Li; Harold Snieder; Shaoyong Su; Gregory A. Harshfield; Frank A. Treiber; Xiaoling Wang