Sheela Sinharoy


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Informal settlements in a COVID-19 world: moving beyond upgrading and envisioning revitalisation

by Matthew French; Diego Ramirez-Lovering; Sheela Sinharoy; Amelia Turagabeci; Ihsan Latif; Karin Leder; Rebekah Brown



Joint Food and Water Insecurity Had a Multiplicative Effect on Women's Depression in Urban Informal Settlements in Makassar, Indonesia during the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Isabel Charles; Allison Salinger; Rohan Sweeney; Becky Batagol; Fiona S Barker; Sudirman Nasir; Ruzka R Taruc; Naomi Francis; Thomas Clasen; Sheela Sinharoy



Women's empowerment through homestead food production in rural Bangladesh

by Sarah Dupuis; Monique Hennink; Amanda S Wendt; Jillian L Waid; Md Abul Kalam; Sabine Gabrysch; Sheela Sinharoy



Study design, rationale and methods of the Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE) study: a cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate environmental and human health impacts of a water-sensitive intervention in informal settlements in Indonesia and Fiji

by Karin Leder; John J Openshaw; Pascale Allotey; Ansariadi Ansariadi; Fiona F Barker; SL Chown; Kerrie Burge; Thomas Clasen; Grant A Duffy; Peter A Faber; Genie Fleming; Andrew B Forbes; Matthew French; Chris Greening; Rebekah Henry; Ellen Higginson; David W Johnston; Rachael Lappan; Audrie Lin; Stephen P Luby; David McCarthy; Joanne E O'Toole; Diego Ramirez-Lovering; Daniel D Reidpath; Julie A Simpson; Sheela Sinharoy; Rohan Sweeney; Ruzka R Taruc; Autiko Tela; Amelia R Turagabeci; Jane Wardani; Tony Wong; Rebekah Brown