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Edible ginger-derived nanoparticles: A novel therapeutic approach for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and colitis-associated cancer

by Mingzhan Zhang; Emilie Viennois; Meena Prasad; Yunchen Zhang; Lixin Wang; Zhan Zhang; Moon Kwon Han; Bo Xiao; Changlong Xu; Shanthi Srinivasan; Didier Merlin



SIRT3 activation promotes enteric neurons survival and differentiation

by Arun Balasubramaniam; Ge Li; Anita Ramanathan; Simon Mwangi; Michael C Hart; Jack Arbiser; Shanthi Srinivasan



BMP2 promotes differentiation of nitrergic and catecholaminergic enteric neurons through a Smad1-dependent pathway

by Mallappa Anitha; Nikrad Shahnavaz; Emad Qayed; Irene Joseph; Gudrun Gossrau; Simon Mwangi; Shanthi V. Sitaraman; James G Greene; Shanthi Srinivasan