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Genetic Analysis of Variation in Human Meiotic Recombination

by Reshmi Chowdhury; Philippe R. J. Bois; Eleanor Feingold; Stephanie Sherman; Vivian G. Cheung



Associated features in females with an FMR1 premutation

by Anne C Wheeler; Donald B Bailey Jr; Elizabeth Berry-Kravis; Jan Greenberg; Molly Losh; Marsha Mailick; Montserrat Milà; John M Olichney; Laia Rodriguez-Revenga; Stephanie Sherman; Leann Smith; Scott Summers; Jin-Chen Yang; Randi Hagerman



Exploratory analysis of seven Alzheimer's disease genes: disease progression

by Agustin Ruiz; Isabel Hernandez; Maitee Ronsende-Roca; Antonio Gonzalez-Perez; Emma Rodriguez-Noriega; Reposo Ramirez-Lorca; Ana Mauleon; Concha Moreno-Rey; Lucie Boswell; Larry Tune; Sergi Valero; Montserrat Alegret; Javier Gayan; James T. Becker; Luis Miguel Real; Lluis Tarraga; Clive Ballard; Michael Terrin; Stephanie Sherman; Haydeh Payami; Oscar L. Lopez; Jacobo E. Mintzer; Merce Boada



COVID-19 Vaccination of Individuals with Down Syndrome-Data from the Trisomy 21 Research Society Survey on Safety, Efficacy, and Factors Associated with the Decision to Be Vaccinated

by Stephanie Sherman; Anke Huels; A Huls; PT Feany; SI Zisman; ACS Costa; M Dierssen; R Balogh; S Bargagna; NT Baumer; AC Brandao; A Carfi; BA Chicoine; S Ghosh; M Lakhanpaul; J Levin; Y Lunsky; C Manso; E Okun; D Real de Asua; A-S Rebillat; TR Rohrer; G Sgandurra; D Valentini; A Strydom



Variation in the Zinc Finger of PRDM9 is Associated with the Absence of Recombination along Nondisjoined Chromosomes 21 of Maternal Origin.

by Tiffany Renee Oliver; Candace Middlebrooks; Ariel Harden; Nyeisha Scott; Blair Johnson; Jillian Jones; Christin Walker; Corinthia Wilkerson; Sha-Hanna Saffold; Abisola Akinseye; Tunde Smith; Eleanor Feingold; Stephanie Sherman