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Initiation and Regulation of Complement during Hemolytic Transfusion Reactions

by Sean R. Stowell; Cheryl L. Maier; Connie Arthur; Nicole H. Smith; Kathryn R. Girard-Pierce; Richard Cummings; James C Zimring; Jeanne Hendrickson



Key regulators of galectin–glycan interactions

by Nourine A. Kamili; Connie M. Arthur; Christian Gerner-Smidt; Eden Tafesse; Anna Blenda; Marcelo Dias-Baruffi; Sean R. Stowell



Fc microparticles can modulate the physical extent and magnitude of complement activity

by Brandon Holt; Michael C. Bellavia; Daniel Potter Potter; David White White; Sean R. Stowell; Todd Sulchek



Galectin-3 Regulates Desmoglein-2 and Intestinal Epithelial Intercellular Adhesion

by Kun Jiang; Carl R. Rankin; Porfirio Nava; Ronen Sumagin; Ryuta Kamekura; Sean Stowell; Mingli Mingli Feng; Charles Parkos; Asma Nusrat



Recipient priming to one RBC alloantigen directly enhances subsequent alloimmunization in mice.

by Seema R. Patel; Ashley Bennett; Kathryn Girard-Pierce; Cheryl L. Maier; Satheesh Chonat; Connie M. Arthur; Patricia E. Zerra; Amanda Mener; Sean R. Stowell



Innate immune lectins kill bacteria expressing blood group antigen

by Sean R. Stowell; Connie M. Arthur; Marcelo Dias-Baruffi; Lilian C. Rodrigues; Jean-Philippe Gourdine; Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro; Tongzhong Ju; Ross J Molinaro; Carlos Rivera-Marrero; Baoyun Xia; David Smith; Richard Cummings



Complement serves as a switch between CD4 T cell independent and dependent RBC antibody responses

by Amanda Mener ; Seema R. Patel ; Connie M. Arthur ; Satheesh Chonat ; Andreas M. Wieland; Manjula Santhanakrishan ; Jingchun Liu ; Cheryl L. Maier ; Ryan P. Jajosky; Kathryn Girard-Pierce; Ashley Bennett ; Patricia E. Zerra; Nicole H. Smith ; Jeanne E. Hendrickson; Sean R. Stowell