Salathiel Kendrick-Allwood


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Neurodevelopmental outcome of preterm infants enrolled in myo-inositol randomized controlled trial

by Sheena Carter; Amy Hutchinson; Salathiel Kendrick-Allwood; Nathalie Maitre; Ira Adams-Chapman; Kristi L Watterberg; Tracy L Nolen; Shawn Hirsch; Carol A Cole; Michael C Cotten; William Oh; Brenda Poindexter; KM Zaterka-Baxter; A Das; CB Lacy; AM Scorsone; AF Duncan; SB DeMauro; RF Goldstein; TT Colaizy; DE Wilson-Costello; IB Purdy; SR Hintz; RJ Heyne; GJ Myers; J Fuller; S Merhar; HM Harmon; M Peralta-Carcelen; HW Kilbride; BR Vohr; G Natarajan; H Mintz-Hittner; GE Quinn; DK Wallace; RJ Olson; FH Orge; I Tsui; M Gaynon; Y-G He; TW Winter; MB Yang; KM Haider; MS Cogen; D Hug; DL Bremer; JP Donahue; WR Lucas; DL Phelps; RD Higgins



Relationships between retinopathy of prematurity without ophthalmologic intervention and neurodevelopment and vision at 2 years

by Ira Adams-Chapman; Sheena Carter; Salathiel Kendrick-Allwood; JE Brumbaugh; EF Bell; SC Hirsch; EG Crenshaw; SB DeMauro; JR Lowe; G Natarajan; MH Wyckoff; BR Vohr; TT Colaizy; HM Harmon; KL Watterberg; SR Hintz



Increased Risk of Sub-Clinical Blood Lead Levels in the 20-County Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area-A Laboratory Surveillance-Based Study

by Carmen M Dickinson-Copeland; Lilly Cheng Immergluck; Maria Britez; Fengxia Yan; Ruijin Geng; Mike Edelson; Salathiel Kendrick-Allwood; Katarzyna Kordas