Laren Narapareddy


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Maternal weight affects placental DNA methylation of genes involved in metabolic pathways in the common marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus)

by Laren Narapareddy; Derek E Wildman; Don L Armstrong; Amy Weckle; Aleeca F Bell; Crystal L Patil; Suzette D Tardif; Corinna N Ross; Julienne N Rutherford



Womb to womb: Maternal litter size and birth weight but not adult characteristics predict early neonatal death of offspring in the common marmoset monkey

by Julienne N Rutherford; Corinna N Ross; Toni Ziegler; Larisa A Burke; Alana D Steffen; Aubrey Sills; Donna L Colon; Victoria A Demartelly; Stephanie Narapareddy; Suzette D Tardif



Sex-specific effects of in vitro fertilization on adult metabolic outcomes and hepatic transcriptome and proteome in mouse

by Stephanie Narapareddy; Eric A Rhon-Calderon; Lisa A Vrooman; Josue Baeza; Duy K Nguyen; Clementina Mesaros; Yemin Lan; Benjamin A Garcia; Richard M Schultz; Marisa S Bartolomei