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Reduced default mode network connectivity following combat trauma

by Julia A. DiGangi; Armin Tadayyon; Daniel A. Fitzgerald; Christine A. Rabinak; Amy Kennedy; Heide Klumpp; Sheila Rauch; K. Luan Phan



Individual differences in cognitive reappraisal use and emotion regulatory brain function in combat-exposed veterans with and without PTSD

by Jacklynn M. Fitzgerald; Annmarie MacNamara; Amy E. Kennedy; Christine A. Rabinak; Israel Liberzon; Sheila Rauch Rauch; K. Luan Phan



Associations between PTSD and intimate partner and non-partner aggression among substance using veterans in specialty mental health

by Katherine R. Buchholz; Kipling M. Bohnert; Rebecca K. Sripada; Sheila Rauch Rauch; Quyen M. Epstein-Ngo; Stephen T. Chermack



A pilot study of mindfulness-based exposure therapy in OEF/OIF combat veterans with PTSD: Altered medial frontal cortex and amygdala responses in social-emotional processing

by Anthony P. King; Stefanie R. Block; Rebecca K. Sripada; Sheila Rauch; Katherine E. Porter; Todd K. Favorite; Nicholas Giardino; Israel Liberzon



An electrocortical investigation of voluntary emotion regulation in combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder

by Jacklynn M. Fitzgerald; Annmarie MacNamara; Julia A. DiGangi; Amy E. Kennedy; Christine A. Rabinak; Ryan Patwell; Justin E. Greenstein; Eric Proescher; Sheila Rauch; Greg Hajcak; K. Luan Phan