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Change in posttraumatic stress disorder-related thoughts during treatment: Do thoughts drive change when pills are involved?

by Sheila Rauch; Myra H Kim; Margaret R Venners; Katherine E Porter; Sonya B Norman; Naomi M Simon; Barbara Rothbaum; Peter W Tuerk; Ron E Acierno; Eric Bui; Corey Powell; Erin R Smith; Elizabeth Goetter; Lauren B McSweeney



An electrocortical investigation of voluntary emotion regulation in combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder

by Jacklynn M. Fitzgerald; Annmarie MacNamara; Julia A. DiGangi; Amy E. Kennedy; Christine A. Rabinak; Ryan Patwell; Justin E. Greenstein; Eric Proescher; Sheila Rauch; Greg Hajcak; K. Luan Phan



Associations between resting-state functional connectivity and treatment response in a randomized clinical trial for posttraumatic stress disorder

by Jony Sheynin; Elizabeth R Duval; Anthony P King; Mike Angstadt; Luan K Phan; Naomi M Simon; Sheila Rauch; Israel Liberzon



"I still feel so lost": experiences of women receiving SANE care during the year after sexual assault.

by Mara Buchbinder; Elizabeth R Brassfield; Andrew S Tungate; Kristen D Witkemper; Teresa D'Anza; Megan Lechner; Kathy Bell; Jenny Black; Jennie Buchanan; Rhiannon Reese; Jeffrey Ho; Gordon Reed; Melissa Platt; Ralph Riviello; Catherine Rossi; Patricia Nouhan; Carolyn A Phillips; Sandra L Martin; Israel Liberzon; Sheila Rauch; Kenneth Bollen; Samuel A McLean



Health care utilization by women sexual assault survivors after emergency care: Results of a multisite prospective study

by Nicole A Short; Megan Lechner; Benjamin S McLean; Andrew S Tungate; Jenny Black; Jennie A Buchanan; Rhiannon Reese; Jeffrey D Ho; Gordon D Reed; Melissa A Platt; Ralph J Riviello; Catherine H Rossi; Patricia P Nouhan; Carolyn A Phillips; Sandra L Martin; Israel Liberzon; Sheila Rauch; Kenneth A Bollen; Ronald C Kessler; Samuel A McLean



The role of oxytocin signaling in depression and suicidality in returning war veterans

by Corinne D Warrener; Edward M Valentin; Camilla Gallin; Lynnet Richey; Deanna B Ross; Chelsea J Hood; Adriana Lori; Joseph Cubells; Sheila Rauch; James Rilling