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Health care utilization by women sexual assault survivors after emergency care: Results of a multisite prospective study

by Sheila Rauch; NA Short; M Lechner; BS McLean; AS Tungate; J Black; JA Buchanan; R Reese; JD Ho; GD Reed; MA Platt; RJ Riviello; CH Rossi; PP Nouhan; CA Phillips; SL Martin; I Liberzon; KA Bollen; RC Kessler; SA McLean



Neural function during emotion processing and modulation associated with treatment response in a randomized clinical trial for posttraumatic stress disorder

by Sheila Rauch; ER Duval; J Sheynin; AP King; KL Phan; NM Simon; B Martis; KE Porter; SB Norman; I Liberzon



Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Comorbid Major Depression in US Veterans: The Role of Deployment Cycle Adversity and Social Support

by Sheila Rauch; EM Goetter; SS Hoeppner; AJ Khan; ME Charney; S Wieman; MR Venners; KM Avallone; NM Simon



Anxiety Sensitivity Prospectively Predicts Increased Acute Posttraumatic Stress and Related Symptoms After Sexual Assault

by Sheila Rauch; NA Short; M Lechner; K Bell; J Black; J Buchanan; J Ho; G Reed; A Corzine; R Riviello; SL Martin; I Liberzon; SA McLean



Reduced default mode network connectivity following combat trauma

by Julia A. DiGangi; Armin Tadayyon; Daniel A. Fitzgerald; Christine A. Rabinak; Amy Kennedy; Heide Klumpp; Sheila Rauch; K. Luan Phan