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Regulation of therapeutic hypothermia on inflammatory cytokines, microglia polarization, migration and functional recovery after ischemic stroke in mice

by Jin Hwan Lee; Zheng Z Wei; Wenyuan Cao; Soonmi Won; Xiaohuan Gu; Megan Winter; Thomas A. Dix; Ling Wei; Shan Ping Yu



Stem cell transplantation therapy for multifaceted therapeutic benefits after stroke

by Ling Wei; Zheng Z. Wei; Michael Qize Jiang; Osama Mohamad; Shan Ping Yu



Synaptic mutant huntingtin inhibits synapsin-1 phosphorylation and causes neurological symptoms

by Qiaoqiao Xu; Shanshan Huang; Mingke Song; Chuan-En Wang; Sen Yan; Xudong Liu; Marta A. Gaertig; Shan Ping Yu; He Li; Shihua Li; Xiao-Jiang Li