Sudeshna Paul


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  • PhD (Statistics), Purdue University, 2009

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Results from using a new dyadic-dependence model to analyze sociocentric physician networks

by Sudeshna Paul; Nancy L. Keating; Bruce E. Landon; A. James O'Malley



Hospital admissions for hyperglycemic emergencies in young adults at an inner-city hospital

by Rachel Wolf; Jeehea Haw; Sudeshna Paul; Melissa Faulkner; Eun Cha; M. K. Findley; Farah Khan; Sara Markley; Anastasia-Stefania Alexopoulos; Komal Mehta; David A. Alfa; Mohammed Ali



Racial disparities in preemptive referral for kidney transplantation in Georgia

by Jennifer C. Gander; Xingyu Zhang; Laura Plantinga; Sudeshna Paul; Mohua Basu; Stephen Pastan; Eric Gibney; Erica Hartmann; Laura Mulloy; Carlos Zayas; Rachel Patzer